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Where the Hell Were You?

Does Golf Need Tiger WoodsNo, your wife didn’t hack


Yes, this post is actually about Tiger, even though he missed the cut at the PGA Championship!

Sunday morning, the anticipation was raging as hot as the heat in Atlanta, GA. The leaderboard was stacked with great names that casual golf fans love to see. Steele, Bradley, Dufner, oh boy, can it get much better?! (The sarcasm drips and ruins my keyboard)

Well, not really. It really couldn’t have gotten much better…

Needless to say most golf fans, forget casual golf fans, had absolutely no idea who Keegan Bradley was Sunday morning. The son of a golf pro and a native of Vermont and nephew of 31 time LPGA winner, Pat Bradley, was not exactly a household name.

It seems the only people who really knew this guy were his family, his Oakley liaison and the guy who bet $400 on the 125 to 1 longshot to take down a $50,000 major championship payday. (That really happened)

I’m sure those same people who peeked at the leaderboard Saturday night to plan their Sunday afternoon must have been ecstatic at the prospects of a Jason Dufner win or a Brendan Steele breakout!

Uuuhhhmmm, not so much.

Well, that is a shame because those fare weather types missed an AWESOME golf tournament with one of the most exciting finishes on tour this year. Now, if that was you, you can admit it, because you weren’t the only one who missed it.

ratings down because tiger's missingCBS Corp. reported on Monday that viewership for the PGA Championship, in key major markets was down 14% from last year. That is understandable, the leaderboard wasn’t all that titillating as it sat on Saturday evening.

However, it was a Major Championship, it was the last Major Championship of the year. It was the last Major Championship until next APRIL!

The PGA Championship had a lot of story-lines?

  • Rory McLlroy swings as hard as he can at an exposed root, which caused a 3.5 hour Rory love-fest on Thursday.
  • Phil continues his not so subtle pissing match with Rees Jones.
  • Tiger came out strong, 3 under after his first 5 holes only to overanalyze his swing and the course to death over the next 31 holes, missing the cut. It seems as though people love watching him fall apart (sickos).
  • All of Europe was on ChubbySlam watch. I can’t believe there is such a thing.
  • Lee Westwood had the chance to shake the “Best to never Win a Major” title. AND he dead lifted a Chubby and a Quarter?
  • Everybody’s favorite MidWesterner Steve Stricker, went real low on Friday.

Ok, maybe those Thursday-Friday storylines weren’t enough to bring in the viewers on Sunday. It’s a shame because once again they missed a great finish!

Here’s the real problem, I dug a little deeper to compare viewership from previous years, Tiger Years.

Viewership on Sunday at the 2011 PGA Championship was down a staggering 43% from Sunday in 2009 when Tiger and KJ Choi duked it out and ultimately Tiger was tamed.

Forty Three Percent (43%), almost 50%, yes, almost half. HALF!

So, in two years 43% of you have lost interest? Seriously?

The ChubbySlam didn’t turn you on?

Oh, I know, Mickelson was right! You didn’t watch because you aren’t happy about the changes at Atlanta Athletic Club…that must be it! Rees Jones, you A-hole!

Maybe you couldn’t stand to watch Rory wincing during the round, was that too much?

First, you should be ashamed of yourself for not watching, you missed truly great finish, it may sound like Dufner just fell apart but, there was far more to it than that.

I can tell you why you weren’t watching. It is so plain and so simple, it is so painfully obvious and yet so many golf fans all over the place are missing it. Even though it’s slamming them right in the face.

People love to have a hero. People love to watch someone dominate, people love to watch a guy worth over half a billion dollars drain 30 footers to win and then freak out like it was his first win ever.

People love Tiger. Yes, you all claim to hate him now, you all are screaming bloody murder that he ruined the game.

I even had to straighten out a guy named Lloyd last night that is blaming steroids for ruining his respect for Tiger? What the hell are you talking about LLoyd!!!

Lloyd, you may be a great guy, I’m sure you are, if you’re reading Stephen’s blog, you must be! But, what the hell are you talking about dude!

PGA Tour Needs Tiger WoodsTiger puts asses in the seats, on the couches, in the corporate tents. Tiger puts tee times on the books everyday all over the world. Tiger is the reason why conditions at your local golf course mimic those of Valhalla in ‘96.

Tiger drove so many great young players out of the woodwork over the last 14 years THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE PICKED UP A GOLF CLUB!!!

All the trashing, all the hate, all the ridicule. Really?

Please, if you cared so damn much Where the Hell were you on Sunday?

Please, let us know your thoughts below, because this is really starting to piss me off!


  1. I was on my couch watching! There are a few of us out here that still want to see Tiger do his thing. It does seem like us Tiger fans are very rare these days. I understand what he did for golf all those years.

    • Golf Newz says:

      Hey Kyle,

      Thanks for the feedback. Thanks for watching too. The thing is that it’s not only what he did…for golf…it’s what he can still do for golf. People don’t seem to get it. His effect will go on for years, I really can’t wait for the Tiger slamming to end. It’s somehow become cool to slam the guy that changed golf for everyone. Tiger is human and the public hammering has to have a negative effect on his play. People don’t realize what they’re doing to the sport.

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