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What Rory said about Tiger

rory mcilroyWhat did Rory say about Tiger?

Rory Mcllroy made some written statements (for Si and about Tiger Woods that seem to indicate Rory  is out poking dragons again. But, is he? Or is Rory just a brilliant marketer?


Here’s what Rory said about Tiger:

“I wasn’t playing against Tiger Woods when he had that aura. I was watching on TV!…But Tiger is not playing as well as he was even a couple of years ago, never mind going back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, when he was at his best. I’m not sure we are going to see him dominate again the way he did. He never seemed like he would make a mistake.” further stating “It’s not that he’s playing badly. He’s simply playing badly by Tiger’s standards. He’s playing like an ordinary golfer. People expect more of him because of what he has achieved.”

I’m not sure if this is a foolish statement made by a young player or a brilliant marketing move by the Irishman? If I was Jumeirah Resorts (Rory’s big sponsor) I would be happy as a pig in **** he made these comments. Let’s face it whenever you say something positive about Tiger you get a lot of press. Whenever you say something negative about Tiger YOU GET A TON OF PRESS! 


Westwood Defends Tiger

Lee Westwood came out and defended Tiger in an interview from PGA National indicating that this is the type of thing a young player would say then he said “There’s an old saying….class is permanent and form is fickle. Having played with Tiger since 1997. He’s the classiest player I’ve ever played with and I know better than to write him off”. Westwood said this with a smile and a bit of a “oh God what did Rory say now” look on his face. That being said I have to assume that Rory was just spouting off a little (and not marketing).

The interesting thing is he had a chance to lead into this controversial quote a bit and he didn’t, he went right into it in big-time above the fold fashion. It’s also important to mention that Rory didn’t say these things in an impromptu spoken interview, he had a chance to think as he wrote.

It seems as though Rory is still a little caught up in the you against us mindset still hanging from the Ryder Cup and that’s OK. I got the same feeling about Rory when he spouted off on twitter about how he wasn’t going to be at the Players this year because of what he claims are unfair rules by the PGA Tour.

Regardless of whether Rory is marketing or not, the fact remains that this kid has a hell of a golf swing and as long as this is true, he’ll get away with it.

Further, how can anyone crucify the kid for uhm…telling the truth? He did add the obligatory disclosure of “I’m not sure” when he discussed his thoughts on the future of Tiger’s game.  

At least Ro-Ro was sharp enough this time to say these things when there wasn’t a big international matchplay event upcoming. Nobody wants to get Stephen Ames’d.

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