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US Downgrade Adam Scott Upgrade Stevie Williams Talks

S & P LogoThree things happened this weekend that I never thought I would see happen.

  1. US Gets a Downgrade
  2. Adam Scott Closes the Deal on a Big Tournament
  3. Stevie Williams Talks – A Lot

Lets cover the US Debt situation real fast, even though this is the wrong forum. My history as a person who lived the US debt markets for 12 years, as a mortgage banker, won’t let me not mention this clusterf*** nightmare.

S&P (Schmucks & Putz’s), in all their infinite brilliance, finds it appropriate to choose this moment in history to create the appearance that they’re a relevant and competent organization. What a clown show!

Please remember, this is the same group of A-Holes that rated no money down, sub-prime, no income verification home loans almost as high as the US Treasury right now. The same group of A-Holes that found it prudent to to collect fees from Bankers to rate trillions in securities that Bankers created so the Bankers could sell these overrated securities to unsuspecting investors all over the world.

The Schmucks & Putz’s Group shouldn’t even be in business right now, Arthur Anderson did nothing compared to the travesty these ass clowns pulled on the world.

Back to golf.

adam scott wins wgc eventFinally, finally Adam Scott lives up to his potential. The swing has been there since he was 14, now he has a big pretty trophy to go along with that Snead-like swing.

By the way, why are we calling him a kid? He’s 31 years old, we’ve just been waiting for him to grow up golfwise. But I digress, a 4 shot victory against a tough field is a great accomplishment, it was Tiger-like.

The high 6 iron on the 18th at Firestone was a great way to cap off a week of great swings. The thing almost went in and if it had it would have made Stevie’s “BEST WEEK EVER” that much better.

Now to the big story, Stevie Williams tucked it as far up Tigers ass as one possibly could, Elin’s tucking in the divorce wasn’t even felt when stacked up against Stevie’s tucking!

tiger and stevie williams I wasn’t even aware of a thing called a Post Round Caddie Presser? I had golf on all night in the background and I never heard Adam say a word? I did hear the “Best Week Ever” comment about 145 times! Oh wait, am I messing up my numbers? Maybe it was 33 times? No, 145 is the number of Stevie’s wins and 33 is the vintage of Stevie’s career.

I was as unaware that Stevie is a “Racer” as I was that Stevie had ever taken a swing in any of those 145 wins?

That’s right…… he never took a swing, I’ll take him on his word that he’s a Racer.

Does it hurt to have a guy who knows the course on the bag? Of course not! But, please, that win yesterday was Adam Scott’s, it wasn’t Stevie William’s.

That win yesterday was the result of years of preparation colliding with opportunity and a bunch of Rickie Fowler slight misses.

God Bless the US! Warren Buffett had a great quote this morning, he said “I can go out drinking all night, but if I have a printing press at home, then my debt’s good.” Thanks for the endorsement Mr. Buffett!

Great for Adam Scott – Congratulations! It’s nice to see you’re taking this so well.

Stevie, enjoy the moment and keep your bib on. I’d stop dropping bombs and, I would stop saying “I” when referring to those 145 wins.

The only way this could get weirder is to see blurry video on TMZ of Stevie and Elin pulling up to the Bellagio valet line in a Maserati.

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