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Top Rated Golf Training Aids

We’ve hand picked the top rated golf training aids you can use to Improve Your Golf Game.

Top Rated Golf Training Devices for Scoring

Top Rated Golf Putting Aid
Top Rated Indoor Putting Greens

Top Rated Putting Training Aid – Pro Putt Systems

Pro Putt Systems offers a line of professional grade indoor putting greens that are affordable and highly functional. Pro Putt has combined the best synthetic putting turf and the best base system available today, the result is a great training aid that will be certain to improve your golf scores.

Pro Putt Systems designs, builds and ships premium putting greens to your door, all for a very fair price. Pro Putt uses specially designed putting turf called Mirage TourPutt. Mirage is the leader in synthetic putting turf, with over 12 years of experience and a space aged putting surface that putts and reacts to chip shots exactly like real bent grass putting greens. Visit Pro Putt – Professional Indoor Putting Greens

When it comes to putting, quality should be your first consideration for a putting green at your home. A low quality puttingTop Rated Golf Putting Aid green will do nothing but cause frustration and it can even hurt your performance on the golf course.

A home putting practice green that doesn’t roll right will do nothing more than make you wish you had spent the extra money.

Pro Putt Systems putting greens are manufactured in the United States and quality is the number 1 priority.


  • High Quality Construction
  • Unique Designs
  • Great Roll off the Putter
  • Green Reacts to Chip Shots EXACTLY Like Real Bent
  • Fully Portable – Fits In Special Duffel Bag
  • Unlimited Undulations


  • Possible A Bit Expensive for Average Players – But You ALWAYS Get What You Pay For. These are professional quality putting greens, not toys. If you want a toy, you can surely find one elsewhere.
  • As golfers learn about indoor putting greens, you will inevitably lose more money on the course to your golf buddies.

If you are serious about improving your game you cannot afford to ignore this recommendation, you owe it to yourself to visit Pro Putt and at least learn more.

The team at Pro Putt has carefully designed these putting greens for maximum putting practice and functionality. These putting greens are not just for indoor use. Pro Putt is a Division of East Coast Synthetic Turf an outdoor synthetic putting green and artificial grass company based in Charlotte.

They have made these greens from the highest quality indoor outdoor putting turf, Mirage TourPutt is warrantied for a full ten years against fading or curling, they claim that with proper treatment these putting greens can last as long as 20 years, even in outdoor environments.

Pro Putt offers numerous designs as pre-packaged models and they can design a custom indoor green for your home. Below are a couple pre-packaged models from their website.

Top Rated Indoor Putting Greens

Pro Putt Systems – Samples of Pre-Packaged Models

There is no better way to lower your golf scores than to invest in a high quality indoor putting green.

Pro Putt Systems also sponsors Junior Golf Programs, this is a huge plus for us here at 

You can visit Pro Putt Systems website for full descriptions and pricing.

Top Rated Golf Training Clubs

Top Rated Golf Training Club MedicusNumber 1 Rated Golf Training Aid – Medicus

The Medicus is the best selling golf swing trainer in history. The Medicus golf swing trainer is so effective because it promotes proper form and tempo in the golf swing. The family of Medicus training devices are also a favorite among golf professionals like Mark O’Meara, the Medicus is the top rated golf training aid on tour for 7 straight years now.

In 1993 when the Medicus device first came out it was only available in the 5-iron and it was very hard to learn the proper swing using it, it was just too hard to hit. Since then, they have improved their line-up of training aids to include a Driver, 7-iron and an L-wedge. They’ve also recently added a Putting Trainer and a Swing Speed Meter. Medicus Website

If you haven’t seen what the Medicus does to improve your swing you can visit the website for a full demo. The basic concept is this, the device is hinged Number 1 Rated Golf Training Swing Aidin 2 places and if you’re out of position during the take away, top of the back swing, down swing and follow through the shaft will hinge (or “break”) and you will know that you are off tempo or off form. When you begin swinging true to form the shaft will not hinge (or “break”) and you can make perfectly normal contact with the ball. It really is a remarkable device.


  • Established and proven training device
  • Results are long lasting and fundamentally sound
  • Many PGA Tour Pro’s use the Medicus
  • Highly effective at teaching fundamentals such as take-away and proper swing plane
  • Highly affordable payment plan and a great return policy


  • While the device does help the long game specifically the Driver through 5 Iron, we don’t feel it has a significant effect on the scoring clubs Wedge through 8 Iron.

The amazing thing is the speed at which people who use this training aid get results. The nature of the patented design does not leave any room for error, so it really forces you into a good swing by giving instant feedback. The company is also offering a vast variety of added value when you order from them including a Putting Trainer, an instructional DVD with Mark O’Meara and Hank Haney plus a lot of other instructional materials. Visit the Medicus Website for more information.

Number 2 Rated Golf Training Aid

Top Rated Golf Swing Aid Tour StrikerNumber 2 Rated Golf Training Aid – Tour Striker

The Tour Striker is our number two rated training device. This is an interesting concept and can be very valuable for a high handicapper. Basically what the Tour Striker people have done is taken real clubs that you can swing and hit and they have engineered them in a way so the bottom part of the blade has been milled away. If you have problems getting the golf ball in the air and specifically creating a good amount of back-spin then the Tour Striker is probably the device for you.

The design of the club, with the conspicuously missing lower part of the face, causes you to trap the golf ball and create a pinch between the club face, the ball and the ground. With the bottom part of the face missing you are forced to keep the shaft angle leaning towards the target at impact. This will result in shots with more draw and much more spin. Tour Striker Website

The Tour Striker comes in two different models Pro and Traditional. The difference between the two is the size of the sweet spot on the club Top Rated Golf Training Aid 2head. The Traditional has a larger sweet spot and the Pro has a slightly smaller sweet spot. If you are higher than a 12 handicap we suggest going with the Traditional Tour Striker.


  • Fantastic for improving wedge play
  • Excellent tool to learn how to put maximum spin on short irons
  • The feel of keeping hands forward stays with you when hitting your standard clubs
  • Device has most effect on the scoring clubs in your bag
  • Major improvement of overall impact position


  • You won’t see as much improvement in the long game as you will with other devices
  • No payment plan

Here’s the reason why this golf aid is so powerful…there is a common misconception that the golf club should be in the same position at impact Number Two Rated Golf Training Aid  as it was at address. This is simply not true; all professionals are in the same position at impact, they all have the shaft forward, towards the target, even though their swings all look a little different. As the club forces you to hit down on the ball it is also causing you to clear your hips faster which also generates more club speed and power. You can visit the Tour Striker Website for more information.


Golf Swing Software Digital Golf Swing Aid

Top Rated Digital Golf Training ProgramSimple Golf Swing

The Simple Golf Swing is our Top Rated “Digital” Golf Training Aid. This program is absolutely perfect for a new golfer who is seeking an A to Z golf training program. The Simple Golf Swing is a digital golf training program which you can download immediately and learn the fundamentals of golf on your schedule. I first saw this program in 2005 and it was only the shell of the program it is today. This program has grown into a full golf instructional program which explains the entire golf game.

The program comes with a fantastic E-Book filled with graphics and detailed information. It also comes with a well produced set of Training Videos which supplement the book very well. I have been referring this program to new golfers for the last three years and I have seen the effect the program can have on a weekend golfer. Simple Golf Swing Website

The program teaches a very effective set of basic fundamentals. If you are a player with less than 3 years experience or a casual player who regularly shoots over 90 then this program is exactly what you need. The Simple Golf Swing is a step by step program and it has been thoughtfully created in a way that golfers of any skill level can understand and the skills you will learn are solid.

You can expect to learn: Grip, Set-Up, Posture, Take Away, Body Motion, Tempo, Position at the Top, Down Swing, Impact Position and Follow Through. The program also comes with a very attractive set of “add-ons” which are totally free. These recent additionsTop Rated Golf Training Program include lessons on Putting, Chipping, Bunker Play and Pre-Shot Routine. As the company adds to the offering they send you updates automatically. Recently they added an instructional program on short-game drills you can do in your home.


  • Very Effective for the New Golfer
  • Very Detailed and Complete Program
  • Excellent Video Demonstrations and Instructions
  • Highly Affordable and Packed with Value
  • Perfect for Young Players


  • Not for the advanced player
  • Obviously the nature of the program does not allow for the feedback a physical swing aid would

Digital Golf Training Aid Simple Golf SwingThe Simple Golf Swing Program really is a great value and the company offers a very competitive money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. If you are seeking to regularly break 90 and learn from a solid set of golf fundamentals the this is a great program for you. As I mentioned the program is fantastic for young golfers as well. The entire program can be downloaded in under 2 minutes. You can visit the Simple Golf Swing Website for more information.

.Golf Software

Digital Training Aid for Golfers

Digital Golf Training Program Drive for Show Training Program

The Weekend Golfer Drive for Show program is all about Distance. The Drive for Show Program has been developed for the beginning player who is having problems hitting the ball long and hitting the ball in the fairway. The program comes with an E-Book and a set of videos that explain the fundamentals of Hitting the Driver. It’s a pretty simple program developed by two European PGA Teaching Professionals named Rich Lawless and Steve King. The program is not as all-inclusive as The Simple Golf Swing but it is very effective for the average golfer who wants to learn essential skills in the long game. Drive for Show Website


Pros:Top Rated Golf Training Aids Software Category

  • Good Techniques for Hitting The Driver
  • Good for the Beginning Golfer
  • Very Detailed Explaining the Fundamentals of the Proper Grip
  • Emphasizes the Mental Side of the Game


  • Not for skilled players
  • Does not cover Short Game Fundamentals
  • Slightly Dated Material


The Drive for Show Program is good for the below average player looking for an inexpensive training program with a concentration on the long game. The program also comes with an interesting bonus that deals with short term goal setting. You can learn more by visiting the Drive for Show Website.

The golf training aids we’ve listed here have been used by Golf-Newz and we use them regularly. We have done significant due diligence and we would never list anything we don’t feel is effective for improving your scores. You should be certain to do your own research so you can be sure that the learning aid you choose is best suited for your individual needs.  We’ve provided a link to the product manufacturer website under each listing so you can get a better understanding of each product.

Star Rating Legend

Top Rated Golf Training Star LegendSome notes about how we arrived at this particular set of top rated golf training aids. First it is important to note that we have used each of the training aids in these listings, each swing aid or training program’s star rating is an aggregation of at least three individuals, most of the listings are a compilation of feedback from five individuals. The players who gave input are not golf professionals, they are individuals who take their golf games seriously and have handicaps below 10. We have scored each golf device or program in five major categories, an explanation of these categories is below.


  • Long Lasting Effect: There is simply very little value in a training aid or training program that teaches you a “quick fix”. In order to learn the game of golf in a way that will last with you on the course this weekend and next year, long lasting techniques are of utmost importance. A training aid must have this quality, this is why we don’t use most of the devices and programs on the market which promote quick fix or which promote gimmicks that are not grounded in golf fundamentals.
  • Promotes Fundamentals: The idea here is simple as well. The essence of this category is based in the idea that the techniques you will learn from the device or training program are similar techniques you will see professional golfers implement. If the golf training program does not reproduce the fundamentals that you would learn from a golf professional then it is worthless.
  • Manufacturer Reputation: We want to be sure that you are getting a program from an established company. The programs and golf swing training tools mentioned here are distributed by companies who have been in business for at least 3 years and have above average customer reviews. Even though very little subsequent training support is offered by any of the companies we do want to be sure you are getting what you are seeking and you are receiving a high quality product.
  • Overall Effect on Scoring: Most people are visiting this site seeking a device or golf related program for one reason, lower golf scores. It doesn’t matter how far you can hit a driver or how well you play out of difficult situations on a golf course, if you don’t know the fundamentals of the short game you will not score better. Short game in this instance includes “scoring clubs” and putter. Scoring clubs in my opinion are 8 Iron through Lob Wedge. This category includes full shots, pitching, chipping, bunker play and flop shots. Putting is the most important factor in lowering your scores.
  • Affordability: This is pretty much self explanatory. However overall value is the main focus here. The tour striker for instance is roughly $100 and if you are a good wedge player then it isn’t a good device for you and you would not want to spend the money. If you are a long hitter, an above average putter but you tend to blade wedge shots then, $100 is a tiny price to pay for this particular golf swing aid. The best device available for lowering your scores is a product that costs $349 but it isn’t reviewed here because most people can’t afford it. We only reviewed golf improvement programs which are highly affordable and available to people of all income levels.


Have fun and hit’em straight!



  1. If your goal is to increase your distance like many golfers are trying to do these days then I would highly recommend you give the Momentus Speed Woosh a try. I purchased this earlier this summer and have used it 3 -4 times per week just swinging it out in the yard for a couple minutes a day. Because of the design of this training aid it is supposed to activate the fast twitch muscles in your and therefore increase your club head speed. I have noticed about 3-5 MPH increase in club head speed just in the 2 months that I have been using this. With every 1 mph increase in swing speed i think you gain about 3 yards more in distance.

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