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Tiger’s Secret – Why He Stuck w Foley

Tiger and Sean FoleyFirst off, I want to make it clear that Tiger stuck with Sean Foley because he is a great swing coach. Take a look at his other players and you’ll see some of the world’s finest.

Sean Foley Video Below

Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan have both had their issues but, it is hard to not regard each of them as Top Tier young players on the PGA Tour.

Obviously Sean O’Hair caused the Foley Haters to raise an eyebrow, winning within two weeks of firing Foley. But we see this type of thing all the time in golf and in sports, a player or a team makes a shift and suddenly they thrive.

Tiger’s Father

Tigers Relationship with his dadTiger’s father groomed Tiger to be a winner from a very early age.  He created one of the most mentally developed competitors in the history of sports.

Obviously this type of grooming is only possible when you have a student that is ready, willing and able to withstand the grind of this type of upbringing.

All successful people live by a simple set of rules. If you have ever studied the highly successful you can easily see these rules in their very day life.


One rule that Tiger has lived by in particular is this:

[quote type=”center”]Only spend time with people that make you better.[/quote]

In Napolean Hill’s classic book on success called “Think and Grow Rich” he calls these people your “mastermind group”.

Tiger and Sergio

Greg Norman's Daughter MorganIt occurred to me the other day when I was watching Sergio Garcia on David Feherty’s show on golf channel. (Great show by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, watch the episode with Bill Russell, fascinating!).

Feherty asked Sergio about his relationship with Tiger. Sergio responded by saying he had tried many times to get close to Tiger including asking him to play tennis just recently.

Sergio indicated that Tiger had warmed up a bit back in the late 90’s but, he was never able to befriend Tiger, even after numerous attempts.

Now, it would make sense that Tiger would want even need some friends in his age group that compete on the same level. BUT, I don’t believe that Tiger’s dad believed that Sergio was on the same level at all.

As it turned out, 14 Majors 70+ wins and 0 Majors and only a handful of wins told the tale.

I’m not suggesting that Sergio is a slouch nor am I suggesting that I am not a Sergio fan, I am. But, I do believe Tiger and his Dad identified Sergio as an intellectual lightweight, within the realm of mental toughness. I’m not saying he is not intelligent, I am saying that Sergio is not Mentally Tough.

Sergio explained to Feherty for instance, the break up with Greg Norman’s daughter Morgan, destroyed his game and put his career on a temporary hiatus.

Has Tiger struggled through a break up? Yes, but, for significantly different reasons.

Sean Foley

tigers swing coachFoley on the other hand is an extreme intellectual and I know Tiger appreciates this.

He appreciates technical nuances and bio-mechanics, things that make most people’s eyes gloss over.

Sean Foley filled the intellectual void that was left behind when Tiger’s dad passed.

Further, Foley built a swing by using these complex principles that will give us a Tiger Woods for many years to come. Tiger’s new swing is built to be here in the future, a swing that was on full display this past weekend at PGA National in Palm Beach.

The void in Tiger’s life that was left by his dad has hopefully been somewhat filled and this is why Tiger stuck with Foley through some really tough times.

Foley is more than just a swing coach for the best player on earth, he is Tiger’s Mastermind Group.

I believe this makes him even more important than previously thought.

[quote type=”center”] You can’t fly like an Eagle if you hang around with Turkeys [/quote]

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