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Tigerians v Anti-Tigerians

Tiger HatersIt’s become apparently evident just how divided the golf landscape is in regard to the like or dislike of Tiger Woods.

I made every attempt to steer clear of the computer Sunday night after Tiger’s win, I figured I would give it some time, I didn’t believe that it was enough of an event to really get into the discussion. I finally gave into the temptation, after too much thought to ignore.

I think it’s time we actually create political affiliations around this Tiger and Anti-Tiger issue.

[Tigerian – (ti-jar-e-en)An individual who understands the profound impact Tiger Woods has affected on the game of golf. Further, they understand that Golf has benefited to such an extent that, they are willing to accept, after considerable thought, sometimes questionable actions.

Anti-Tigerian – An individual who has never appreciated Tiger’s dominance. This individual is so slanted in their point of view that they fail to see how non-stop media coverage of a single player has magnified every incident and every transgression to a point of sensationalism.

The disdain for Tiger has become so overwhelming, their contempt drips off the pages they write. They grasp every rumor and commonly use inaccurate and sometimes hurtful speculation to make their point and further their Anti-Tiger Woods agenda.

Tigercrat – The third affiliated party, which is also the largest. This group, by right, has swung their affiliation back and forth based on media coverage and of course, wins and losses.

I bet you weren’t expecting a third party were you?

The fact is that YOU most likely, fall into that category. There I said it. It’s ok, the party literature allows for flip flopping.

I made my point about Tigercrats here “Where the Hell Were You?

If you’ve been reading here at Golf-Newz at all, you’ll completely understand that I am a full on card carrying member of the Tigerian Party. Always have been and always will be.

I don’t need to reiterate my point of view, the facts are all laid out right here: Tiger Effect

If you’re not interested enough to read, I’ll lay out the bullets for you:

  • Like it or not, money is important. Golf is a business and Tiger has changed the business landscape of golf forever.
  • Tiger globalized golf. Tiger’s popularity during the dominating years has made golf an even more global sport.
  • Tiger elevated the skill level of golfers everywhere. This spike in talent is a direct result of Tiger’s draw from a young audience, in a game that was previously reserved for middle aged, overweight, white guys.

The third effect Tiger has had on the game of golf is by far the most important. It has stimulated even further the first two points. Tiger’s presence fleshed out thousands of young golfers who would have never even seen a golf course, had he not existed.

This has mushroomed the talent pool around the world, the larger the pool of eligible golfers is, the higher the likelihood of discovering greater talent. It’s pretty simple and cannot be argued.

Rory, Ricky, Ishikawa, Jason Day, I could belabor this point forever with name after name that attribute, DIRECLTY ATTRIBUTE, their game to the existence of Tiger Woods.

Anti-Tigerians Aren’t Trolls

In the early days of the internet, there was a group of people referred to as Trolls. Trolls only intent was to stir controversy online in chat rooms and message boards as they sat back and watched their point of view raise the ire of unsuspecting opinion droppers.

I am a firm believer that many people online who had been trashing Tiger on blogs and other golf related sites began this practice, late in 2009 as a form of Trolling.

What happened was, they discovered the Tigercrat set actually had swung their opinion towards negativity and suddenly they saw people responding to their Trolling in a positive way.

Now, this went on for nearly two years and I’m sure we will see many continue this form of trolling. Really, these people will sway their public point of view even as their internal belief system plants their butts even more firmly on the couch as Tiger makes a run at Augusta in April. (Like what happened this year on the back nine)

Don’t confuse these “Troll” people with Anti-Tigerians. The troll types are only seeking traffic and that is their right. They’re dishonest and they don’t even command enough respect for me to give them a link. You know them, you’ve read them for a while now.

Real Anti-Tigerians

A Real Card Carrying Anti-Tigerian can be examined right here, at “Tiger Woods Revisited” and here “Did Tiger Woods Use HGH” and once again here “Did Woods Cheat at the Chevron” and then you can read some evidence that supports the very definition of an Anti-Tigerian here “No, it’s not a penalty, but…

Stephen knows that I love reading his blog, and I hope he knows I am having some fun here, but, he also knows my opinion re: Tiger ↔ re: Overall Health of Golf.

Not Quite Time for Tigerians to Party

While winning is the essence of a Tiger comeback and thus, a comeback in the popularity of the game.

The win at the Chevron this week against an 18 man field may not be THE comeback, but it certainly is a step towards the comeback, a significant step.

However, you knew that the Anit-Tigerians would desperately seek to poke holes in the win. You knew that they would all be screaming “short field, short field!”. You knew they’d be examining every little detail for possible transgressions.

It was painfully obvious that they would be discounting a win and highlighting a loss, had Tiger missed one of those birdie putts.

If Tiger hadn’t been in the field and Zack Johnson had been coming down the stretch with KJ Choi and Zack had eventually won, there would be no asterisk talk.

There also wouldn’t have been anyone watching.

That’s really the point isn’t it.

The Real Start of the Comeback

The real start of the comeback for Tiger Woods actually began two weeks earlier at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne.

No, I’m not saying Tiger had a “Huge Pres Cup”, he didn’t partially because he was held back by an injured and rusty Steve Stricker. (Not a knock on Stricker, he was hurt)

The steamrolling of Aaron Baddeley in singles wasn’t mentioned in the Anti-Tigerian world. Neither was the near victory against a pretty darn good field at the Australian Open.

But, that was to be expected.

A comeback for Tiger is more of a state of mind than an event, Tiger dominated on motivation, confidence, thrill and a bit of intimidation.

A transcendent figure in any skill sport (or business) must possess two mental attributes:


Confidence is built over time via “meaningful practice” and “success conditioning”. When you practice actual events, physically and mentally, you are able to condition your mind and muscle to believe you can literally accomplish these things. Once that belief is built, you begin to manifest those thoughts into actual actions.

Tiger tested the balance of physical and mental on the par 5 Saturday that he put in the hazard from nearly 300 yards. People think that was stupid shot, I think it was a test to see if he had “it”.

A self test to see if he was ready to begin manifesting physical actions of confident thoughts.

Tiger doesn’t do anything on the golf course without executing considerable thought process.

Thrill of the Hunt

Many professional golfers become TV commentators because they can’t stand the pressure cooker that is “being in the lead”.

Transcendent athletes love being in the hunt, they love the thrill and the rush they get from tasting blood.

Tiger uses very advanced and controlled thrill mechanisms to enter into a “Zone”, this is why people believe he is a “prick”. When in the zone, only one thing matters and everything else is blocked out. This causes an athlete to appear as “mean” or “nasty”.

You never saw Michael Jordan smiling on the court during a big game, just as you never saw Ben Hogan smile, ever.

Once Tiger gets that feeling back, the taste of victory, he will be ever more eager to compete at an even higher level, the level that made him so great for so long.

Once that Zone is realized, we’ll see the pieces that made Tiger the best golfer to ever roam the face of the Earth, fall into place once again.

Has Tiger done things privately that many don’t agree with? Yes.

Some believe that his public actions alone are enough to string him up. I don’t.

I simply think that Tiger is too important to golf on all levels to continue the public pummeling.

If you have any thoughts, let’s hear them.


  1. I haven’t heard anuone apologize for beating up on Sean Foley. He’s been atking it as bad as Tiger has. Surprised you didn’t mention anything about that.

    • Golf Newz says:

      Hi Cal, thanks for weighing in. I didn’t mention the Foley haters in this post, that’s an entirely different topic but, we’ll probably need a whole post for that one by itself. Great point though!

  2. Tiger is the best player ever

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