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Tiger Exits Early

tiger woodsWell, Tiger’s out of the match play early.

Once again the king of golf will get on his G4 on a Friday and head back to Florida. There have been very few who have been a bigger Tiger fan over the years than I, primarily due to his incredible effect on the game we love.

Slowly but surely the golf world is starting to doubt the idea of 19 Majors and I can understand the doubt but, Tiger will get it done.

It has taken him 18 months to get a new swing down in the past with Butch and Hank. There’s no reason to think that it won’t take the same this time or maybe even a little bit longer (biomechanics?). At this point we’re about 5 months into it and it’s starting to come together.


Tiger’s famous ability to hit 9 different shot shapes with each club won’t be what brings him back. It will help with fairways and greens but Tiger needs to get his head on straight. Tiger’s ability to dominate came from a steely grit in the clutch. Recently he seems to be shying away from the pressure shots, taking 8-10 practice swings on the tee, it just doesn’t look right.

It will come together and probably come together sooner than everyone thinks. The difference between now and “then” is that Tiger is beginning to become the victim of his own phenomenom. Tiger Effect is setting in bigtime as we see 20 something after 20 something winning big events. These kids grew up watching and dreaming about being like Tiger. Now Tiger has to deal with this. The competition is heavy.

Tiger was asked if he really wants to get back to where he was and like the Champion that he is, he repsonded. “I don’t want to get back to where I was, I want to go beyond where I was and be better than I was then.”

Well, you’ll have to be brother! The popularity of the game is at an alltime high and these kids are coming after you from all over the world. They’re playing better courses, getting better instruction, using better equipment and you have noone to blame but yourself!

Hey Tiger, Thanks for that by the way!

Nike’s Integrity in Question

Pretty soon we’ll be questioning Nike’s integrity again, wondering if they somehow weighted Tiger’s ball funny so the swoosh would sit at perfect camera angle, right at the cup, as an 80 foot snaking chip drops at Augusta.

Frankly, I can’t wait!

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