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The Thing About Golf

Just some quick thoughts on first birdies, over-golfing and a touchdown set to the Bee Gees?


There are many sports that kids love to play, baseball, soccer, football, my stepson Tyler plays all of them.

While I do have to admit there aren’t many things more exciting than watching one of yours score a touchdown, its just not the same as seeing them make their first birdie.

Orange Lake Golf

How could I resist Over-Golfing with this in the back yard!

A couple months ago we went down to Disney for a week and needless to say I brought my clubs. I wound up Over-Golfing to the point of injury. I want to defend myself from those of you who feel as though I should have been at the parks with the family! I did do parks but I had a couple of appointments down there that created a conflict with parks but, merged well with some golf!

Further, if you’re from Florida you may forget that we have a little season up here called winter and we were in the middle of it. This said, I felt seasonal golf deprivation justified the O-G’ing!

Anyway, I played some very nice courses, had some good rounds and met some very interesting people as one tends to do on the golf course. However, none of it sticks in my mind like the memory of Tyler playing the 123 yard Par 3, 8th hole called “Mute Swan” at Crane’s Bend Golf Course inside the Orange Lake Resort.

I didn’t start playing golf until my late teens and I swear it took me what felt like an eternity for the sun, moon and stars to come into line in such a way that all necessary aspects of a legitimate birdie fell into place. It must have been 2 or 3 years and I played quite a bit.

I’ll never forget my first birdie, it came on the 10th hole at Holden Hills Country Club also on a par 3, 165 yards.

Putting Green

Warming up before the round!

I don’t know about you but a lot has happened in my life that should overwhelm that memory and a lot will happen and there’s no way I will ever forget my first birdie BUT I will never, ever forget Tyler’s first birdie. He’s got a big head start on me being 8 and already draining birdie putts.

As pumped up as I was when that first birdie putt dropped, it was kind of anticlimactic? I remember the gentleman I was playing with, his name is Walter saying “good, so will you stop throwing clubs now?”, I was young Smile

Unlike my first birdie, the celebration on the 8th at Crane’s Bend where Tyler made his first birdie putt is unlike any celebration that course has seen in quite some time. And rightly so.

I’ve seen Tyler do a lot of firsts and there will be many other firsts to come, no doubt. But that moment is one I will never forget.

Golf is a game that is played by many, mastered by few and simultaneously hated/loved thoroughly by all who truly understand what it’s all about.

I believe it was Earl Nightingale who said “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” and I believe that you can sub the word golf for success in that quote and it still makes perfect sense. That’s the thing about golf.

Do whatever you can do this year to get kids out playing, teach them not only how to swing and to putt but all the other beautiful elements of the game as well.  You’ll be glad you did.

In the spirit of fairness to football I had to throw this in!

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Yes, his amateur status is in jeopardy, he gets $5 per touchdown!


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