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Tavistock Cup – Not what you thought

Tavistock CupSo what is the Tavistock Cup anyway?

At first glance the Tavistock Cup is a fun golf event played between rival gangs in the tough neighborhood known as Nona.

But once the onion layers are peeled away there seems to be a lot more to it, including international rings of powerful warlords, cyber gangs,  gun slingers and rival factions duking it out, seeking worldwide domination.

It’s a couple days where golfers from the forgotten Central Florida suburb are supposed to put away the weapons and set aside differences in the name of civility.


History of the Tavistock Cup

Starting in 2004 this block party was reserved for the gangs from Isleworth G & CC and neighboring tough guys at Lake Nona G & CC. In 2011 the rivalry extended overseas with the addition of law breakers from Queenwood Golf Club in Surry, England and adding some Bahamian flavor by inviting the team from Albany Resort and Spa.

Recent Tavistock Cup Shake-Ups

Tavistock Cup Underhanded DealsThe addition of these two gangs has created some tension due to the news of recent defections out of Isleworth and into Albany. Things are heating up! Apparently financial interests have caused the defection in favor of the gang from the Bahamas known as Albany.

Notable defectors: a well known, battle hardened, street smart thug known as “Tiger” and one of his long time accomplices known as “The Big Easy”. Another notable defection came from one “IanJamesPoulter” who leads a “cybergang” with over 1 million followers.

The photo above was taken by undercover agents investigating accusations of team gerrymandering masterminded by  “The Tiger” and “The Big Easy” last year at the Tavistock Get Together.

We can only hope that these defections don’t cause too much tension during the two day, single malt and greygoose induced frenzy.

Tavistock Cup – Not For Everybody

Roads around the Tavistock Block Party ClosedI’m told that conditions in and around the streets controlled by Isleworth, where the block party is held are so tough that entrance to the event is extremely difficult. I guess gang members, their immediate family and close friends are the only ones allowed on the well protected turf and each group is required to wear “colors” which represent their affiliations.

The police presence was obvious and some reports say that helicopters have been patrolling the area quite regularly.

All we can do at this point is pray that things go well and the bloodshed is held to a minimum.

Photos of the Tavistock Carnage

Even though the streets have been deemed impassible by local authorities, Golf-Newz was able to obtain some photos from inside the neighborhood where the raucous two day party takes place. AND as an added bonus we were able to get exclusive looks inside the home turf of each gang.

Not the types of places you want to find yourself alone at night. Take a look…

The gang from Lake Nona has it rough too…

Queenwood is known as one of the roughest neighborhoods in Europe…

Tavistock Newcomers Queenwood

Nothing compares to the mean streets of Albany Resort ….

Tavistock Gang out of Albany

Albany Golf Club…not bad…for an innercity course…

Albany Resort Playing Ground

Once the Sun sets around Albany Resort…LOOK OUT…

My boat’s bigger than yours..nah…nah..nananahhh…(that’s what I would say)

Albany Resort Mega Yachts

They even offer provisional parking for the “lesser crowd”…

Albany Resort Ghetto

Barrel Fires are common at night..a little something to keep the hobos busy…

Albany Resort Pool at Night

The Albany ghetto…it’s amazing that people actually live in these conditions!

Albany reosort and spa luxury living Fun, Fun!

In all seriousness the Tavistock Cup is a very enjoyable made for TV event that raises a lot of money for charity.

If you’re wondering what “Tavistock” means, it is actually an investment group run by wealthy British Financier Joe Lewis. The name of the investment company is The Tavistock Group.

The group has business interests in many industries ranging from oil to real estate. They have a nack for developing the most amazing pieces of luxury living real estate in the world. Joe Lewis founded the investment company nearly 30 years ago.

The Marina at Albany Resort BahamasTavistock’s most recent real estate venture is The Albany Resort in the Bahamas. The project has gained significant notariety due to it’s high profile investors Tiger Woods and Ernie Ells.  Ernie Ells also designed the course called The Albany Golf Club.

The Albany boasts a megayacht marina, numerous restaurants, a championship golf course, boutique hotel and a waterpark. The luxury community is the most exclusive address in the Bahamas.

I hope the tone of the first part of this post didn’t make you think that I was being brash or critical of the wealthy. The idea behind this post came as a result of the exact opposite way of thinking. I love seeing how these people live, it is true motivation for the rest of us and something we all should be striving for.

Not a single person mentioned in this post achieved greatness without the magic mix of tons of hard work, motivation and dreams. When it comes to money, motivation and dreams; we all need to pay attention to the finer things in life. They provide much needed motivation and they give us something to aspire to. I am told by the wealthiest people I know that “Money can’t talk, but it can listen… and if you call it, it will come”.

I think it’s important to only set the highest of goals in your golf game and in your financial life.

Best Wishes

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