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Nationwide no Longer now Tour


The PGA Tour announced this morning that they have entered a 10 year agreement with to replace Nationwide Insurance as the Title Sponsor for the developmental tour. Nationwide Insurance exited their deal with the PGA Tour last year as the Title Sponsor. Nationwide Insurance, based in … [Read more...]

A Great Wedge

Golf Wedge Review

I have been very stubborn in holding on to a gap wedge with the old square grooves for ages now. They’re still legal for a few years, so I figured I’d get my time out of it. It was my favorite, a Taylor Made RAC from a few years ago and I used it for almost everything from 90 yards in. It is a 52 … [Read more...]

How to Play Golf

How to Play Golf

How do You Play Golf? It’s unlikely we’re going to answer this question here in one post. As a matter of fact we couldn’t get this cleared up in the next 1,000 posts if we dedicated all day, every day to the topic, for the next few years. Bear in mind this is not going to be an article about … [Read more...]

Best Putters 2012

Best Putters Testing Results

The Best Putters in golf for 2012 discussion will ultimately be a very opinionated debate loaded with personal preference and many differing points of view. A survey was revealed last week that showed the average golfer owns almost 6 putters each. I thought this was kind of foolish until I … [Read more...]

Official 2012 Rules of Golf

Official 2012 Rules of Golf Free Downloads

The Official 2012 rules of golf are in-depth, detailed and sometimes quite confusing. Regardless of how sticky some of the rules may appear it is still important to follow these rules in order to maintain integrity in golf, the handicapping system and of course, yourself. The R and A and the USGA … [Read more...]

R&A/USGA Revise DQ Rule

DQ Rule Change PGA

The Royal & Ancient and USGA Revise Disqualification Rule for Signing Wrong Scorecard   It was announced today that the R & A in conjunction with the USGA has changed the rule 6-6d that disqualifies a player for returning a wrong scorecard in a golf tournament. The revision is … [Read more...]

How to Become a Professional Golfer

How to Be A Pro Golfer

Over the years I have had many people ask me the question: “How do you get on the PGA Tour?”   It’s important to note that there are two types of people who make a living in professional golf. Teaching Professionals at golf courses are referred to as Golf Professionals and people who play … [Read more...]

New Golfer’s Guide to Golf Lingo

Golf Terminology

Golf Lingo Can Be Difficult for a New Golfer It’s important for a new or young golfer to learn many of these terms and to learn golf etiquette. I decided to write this post after being asked what “Up and Down” and “Double Cross” meant, in the same day, good questions both. The golf glossary … [Read more...]

What is a Stimp Meter

Golf-Newz Stimp Meter

The Official Name is Actually “Stimpmeter”   A stimpmeter is a device that is used to detect the speed of a putting green. The device gets its name from its inventor, a gentleman named Edward Stimpson. Stimpson was a ranked amateur golfer from my home State of Massachusetts. . Make your … [Read more...]