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For Tiger, the Time is Now. Or Is It?

US Open Preview

After his electrifying victory at the Memorial, is there any doubt that Tiger Woods is really, truly, finally back? Of course there is. And the questions will linger unless and until Woods wins that elusive 15th major. The next one is right around the corner – the 112th U.S. Open, June 14-17 at … [Read more...]

Bubba Golf is a Recipe for Augusta

Bubba Watson

Congratulations to the 2012 Masters Champion, Bubba Watson. … [Read more...]

My Biggest Golf Pet Peeves

golf nuisences

Sometimes, golf really gets my goat! Complaining, long ago replaced baseball as our national pastime. Seriously, if I hear one more person moan about the new Facebook setup, I’m moving to Canada. Just kidding. I love the USA, of course, and I must admit to an occasional bout of whining … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Secret – Why He Stuck w Foley

Tiger and Sean Foley

First off, I want to make it clear that Tiger stuck with Sean Foley because he is a great swing coach. Take a look at his other players and you’ll see some of the world’s finest. Sean Foley Video Below Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan have both had their issues but, it is hard to not regard each … [Read more...]

Golf Etiquette – Video

Golf Etiquette Video

With the New Year upon us I thought it would be at least a little helpful to share a video on Golf Etiquette. I’ve been playing for almost 20 years now and I learned early on that a great way to gain respect on the course, particularly for young players, is to have an understanding of best … [Read more...]

Artificial Putting Surfaces

Synthetic Practice Golf Green

Synthetic Putting Surfaces for your backyard are fairly priced and unbelievably un-artificial! A new golf store opened in my town a couple weeks ago, so I decided to go down and check it out. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to see a very large artificial putting area where you can test … [Read more...]

Jack Nicklaus Yellow Shirt Story

Yellow Shirt Thumb

Amazing Story about Jack Nicklaus and the 1986 Masters Jack Nicklaus is an amazing man and this story will make you even more aware of just what a thoughtful person he is. Thanks to ESPN, Harry Connick, JR and of course, the one and only, great, Jack Nicklaus. … [Read more...]

R&A/USGA Revise DQ Rule

DQ Rule Change PGA

The Royal & Ancient and USGA Revise Disqualification Rule for Signing Wrong Scorecard   It was announced today that the R & A in conjunction with the USGA has changed the rule 6-6d that disqualifies a player for returning a wrong scorecard in a golf tournament. The revision is … [Read more...]

Rickie Fowler is “Money”

Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler is Living the Life 21 year old California kid with a flat swing who hits his driver pretty well, sticks 4 irons stiff, putts like a dream and reacts to pressure like a 21 year veteran. The whole time wearing crazy bright orange on Sunday in honor of his Alma mater Oklahoma State. Not … [Read more...]

The Thing About Golf

Putting Green

Just some quick thoughts on first birdies, over-golfing and a touchdown set to the Bee Gees?   There are many sports that kids love to play, baseball, soccer, football, my stepson Tyler plays all of them. While I do have to admit there aren’t many things more exciting than watching one … [Read more...]

Feherty Gets Hit in the…

Feherty Gets Hit in the

Video of David Feherty taking a shot to the you know whatz..... Golf course color guy David Faherty is at a charity event for young kids and winds up paying a price for agreeing to play goalie! Feherty has quite a personality and is one of the best color guys in golf. Take a peek at the video and … [Read more...]