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Dave Stockton Signature Putting

Dave Stockton Putting Secrets

Dave Stockton is a legendary putting and short game coach for many of the PGA Tour’s most prominent players. Stockton and his sons Ronnie and Dave Jr. have built a short game consulting empire in recent years. Watch: Dave Stockton's Putting Videos Stockton family clients include Phil … [Read more...]

What is a Stimp Meter

Golf-Newz Stimp Meter

The Official Name is Actually “Stimpmeter”   A stimpmeter is a device that is used to detect the speed of a putting green. The device gets its name from its inventor, a gentleman named Edward Stimpson. Stimpson was a ranked amateur golfer from my home State of Massachusetts. . Make your … [Read more...]

Chipping & Putting

Putting Stroke Video

Chipping & Putting Part 1 Pretty much everyone knows that improving your chipping & putting is the best way to lower your golf scores. Putting We'll start out with putting and leave chipping for later. Like so much in life simple is better and Martin's putting stroke is about as simple … [Read more...]