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Best (and simplest) Putting Tip Ever

Best Putting Tip In History

All putting strokes are different, there is so much creativity and imagination required in putting that it’s very rare you’ll ever see two putting strokes that are the same. However, there is one commonality between all good amateur putters and ALL PGA Tour Players. This one common aspect of … [Read more...]

Best Putters 2012

Best Putters Testing Results

The Best Putters in golf for 2012 discussion will ultimately be a very opinionated debate loaded with personal preference and many differing points of view. A survey was revealed last week that showed the average golfer owns almost 6 putters each. I thought this was kind of foolish until I … [Read more...]

Down with Rough: Putter May Soon Be More Important

Short Rough Makes Putting More Important

Short grass is the new rough At least, it will be if today’s wave of “minimalist” golf course architects have anything to say about it. If so, your putter will become even more important than it already is. Scary thought, I know. But this is a bandwagon worth hopping on. The basic theory … [Read more...]

It’s All About Putting

Putt Better

Guest Post – Dave Taylor “The Putting Clinic” After watching Mark O’Meara drain a 20 footer to win The Masters in 1998, then watching Phil making his 18 foot putt to win The Masters in 2004 and finally seeing Tiger sink that 12 footer to tie Rocco Mediate for The 2008 US Open, only one word came … [Read more...]

Add An Indoor Putting Green to Your Wishlist

Top Rated Indoor Putting Greens

Indoor Putting Greens Indoor putting greens have been gaining popularity. I had seen them online and I've seen them at large golf stores. However, there was always a big problem in my opinion, with every one I had seen, they all seemed like toys. Putting is serious business and I’m not a solid … [Read more...]