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Winter Golf: Simulators Help Keep it Real

Indoor Golf Locator

As I write this, it’s 52° outside with 17-mph gusts whisking pine cones from the trees. Naturally, I’m thinking about playing golf. Yes, it’s an unusually chilly day by South Florida standards – the kind that’ll keep most folks off the course. But at least we’ve got the option. A lot of you … [Read more...]

How to Play Golf

How to Play Golf

How do You Play Golf? It’s unlikely we’re going to answer this question here in one post. As a matter of fact we couldn’t get this cleared up in the next 1,000 posts if we dedicated all day, every day to the topic, for the next few years. Bear in mind this is not going to be an article about … [Read more...]

MUST READ – Masters Story

Amazing Masters Story

Visualize It! It isn’t strange at all to see a tour player on TV standing behind the ball, eyes closed, visualizing the entire golf shot from takeaway, to ball flight, to how the ball lands and runs. Many high level professional golfers utilize visualization as a tool for success. But what about … [Read more...]

Playing Smarter Golf This Year

Mental Guide Shooting Lower Golf Scores

Things I'm Going to Work on This Year to Lower My Scores   I've never done this before but, this year I've chosen 5 things that I am going to work on to lower my scores. Some are things I noticed I did last year that directly hurt my scoring and some are things I have always wanted to pay … [Read more...]

Hit the Driver Straight

hit the golf ball straight off the tee

If you'd like to hit the driver straight, try moving the ball back in your stance.   First of all, hitting the driver straight isn't all it's cracked up to be. The best players in the world have movement in their ball flight, they just know how to use it a little better than you … [Read more...]

Chipping & Putting

Putting Stroke Video

Chipping & Putting Part 1 Pretty much everyone knows that improving your chipping & putting is the best way to lower your golf scores. Putting We'll start out with putting and leave chipping for later. Like so much in life simple is better and Martin's putting stroke is about as simple … [Read more...]

Get Better at Golf Fast

practice routine

Do you want to get better at golf fast? What does your practice routine look like?   There are a few steps you can take to improve your golf game rapidly. The first is simply spend a few hundred and set up a series of lessons with your local PGA Professional. Other Reading that Will … [Read more...]