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Golf’s Wonders (and WTF’s) Never Cease

Golf Mysteries

Nothing baffles me more than golf. Politics? The Higgs boson? The Kardashians’ popularity? Much easier to explain than the loose impediment rule, or why perfectly sane people will swing a metal rod at a stupid ball when deadly lightning bolts are crackling all about. Yep, this game is full of … [Read more...]

27 Things You Gotta Love About Golf

27 Things You Gotta Love About Golf

A Few (27) of My Favorite (Golf) Things After penning my list of pet golf peeves a while back, something occurred to me: For everything that rankles me worse than a shank, there are 10 that catch me flush on the sweet spot. Why put the negative stuff out there and not the positive? Today, I … [Read more...]

My Biggest Golf Pet Peeves

golf nuisences

Sometimes, golf really gets my goat! Complaining, long ago replaced baseball as our national pastime. Seriously, if I hear one more person moan about the new Facebook setup, I’m moving to Canada. Just kidding. I love the USA, of course, and I must admit to an occasional bout of whining … [Read more...]

Johnny Miller Defends the 1970s

Johnny Miller on Talent

Johnny Miller's Thoughts on Young Talent   I saw Johnny Miller on "The Morning Drive" today, I know it is popular to trash the guy for being over the top in his color commentary on NBC. But, I have to admit I can sincerely appreciate his insights on golf and golf history. I used to share … [Read more...]

Tavistock Cup – Not what you thought

Tavistock Cup

So what is the Tavistock Cup anyway? At first glance the Tavistock Cup is a fun golf event played between rival gangs in the tough neighborhood known as Nona. But once the onion layers are peeled away there seems to be a lot more to it, including international rings of powerful warlords, cyber … [Read more...]

1,000,000 Golfers Have Gone Missing

golf popularity

A Million Golfers, huh?   What the hell happened there? I'm not sure if this is some sort of "motivate the base" campaign by the PGA or if this is for real. As far as I know they haven't lied to me yet, so I have no reason to think they're lying to us now.   The PGA Tour season has … [Read more...]

Feherty Gets Hit in the…

Feherty Gets Hit in the

Video of David Feherty taking a shot to the you know whatz..... Golf course color guy David Faherty is at a charity event for young kids and winds up paying a price for agreeing to play goalie! Feherty has quite a personality and is one of the best color guys in golf. Take a peek at the video and … [Read more...]