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Sergio’s Unfortunate Quote

US Open Venues

Sergio Garcia made some statements this weekend that are completely unprecedented but, not much of a surprise. [quote style="1"]That's the reality. I'm not good enough and today I know it. I've been trying for 13 years and I don't feel capable of winning," Garcia said. "I don't know what happened … [Read more...]

Jack or Tiger?

Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods

If Tiger Woods wins the Masters this weekend, he won’t need any more major titles to supplant Jack Nicklaus as golf’s greatest player. There, I said it. Call me a heretic, tell me I’m too dumb to handle basic math, accuse me of generational ignorance – I can take your barbs. But first, hear me … [Read more...]

Daly Runs Out of Ammo & Girlfriend Implodes

Daly quits during round - runs out of balls

John Daly should consider packing more golf balls the way he’s been playing for the last, 10 years. Daly, who’s pants have been much louder than his play recently, had a bit of a bad streak last evening in Australia. It all started with a simple Srixon in the bunker on 10. Srixon, who makes … [Read more...]

What Rory said about Tiger

rory mcilroy

What did Rory say about Tiger? Rory Mcllroy made some written statements (for Si and about Tiger Woods that seem to indicate Rory  is out poking dragons again. But, is he? Or is Rory just a brilliant marketer?   Here's what Rory said about Tiger: “I wasn't playing against … [Read more...]