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Williams Comments Good for Tiger

WIlliams racist comments about tigerIn case you somehow aren’t aware of the comments made at the annual caddie recognition dinner in Shanghai China Friday night, here it is:

“My intention was to shove it up that black assho**” Stevie Williams

I have absolutely no way of knowing whether or not Stevie Williams is racist or bigoted in any way.

Anyone who makes the claim is speaking from pure speculation. The only justification for me saying this is the idea that it would have been tough for Stevie to be best friends with Tiger if he was secretly hiding a deep streak of racism all those years?

But, repeat the quote in your mind, now repeat it without the word black, now do it again with the word black. You probably have a hard time saying it to yourself without thinking it sounds racist and just plain stupid by the way?

One thing that has become completely clear is why Stevie was locked up from an editorial standpoint for so many years by Tiger’s circle. Every single time he opens his big mouth, it seems he says something stupid.

The effect this stupid comment will have on Tiger is not negative, it’s not null, it’s actually a positive. Let me explain.

Before I get into that, let’s talk about the unfortunate loser in this entire mess. Adam Scott is in a real tough spot, the success he has been having recently with Stevie on the bag has been pretty noticeable, however, I think people would contend the switch to a long putter has been the real difference.

If he does nothing, he risks being dragged deeper into an international media firestorm which will be a massive distraction over the next two weeks.

The Australian media is tough, they’re the British Media without the Old English accent, if you can imagine that. They are drooling right now. The questions will be tough and they won’t even sound pleasant, being asked. Good for them by the way, they have every right to ask them.

I don’t think Adam has any option but to fire Stevie, it’s a tough decision but, Adam Scott has his National Championship, the Australian Open, this week and then the Presidents Cup next week in Melbourne, I just don’t see any other option but a complete separation from the situation.

A suspension isn’t enough, I think the comment has too much of an overtone to be swept under the old rug, maybe it was time for Stevie to go anyway. He already had his ultimate career accomplishment occur earlier this year at the Firestone, where he called it his “best week ever” over and over and over and over….forgetting to mention the actual winner by the way.

I can’t imagine that Adam Scott’s mentor, Greg Norman, will allow Stevie to show up in Melbourne next week. Too much of a distraction, Norman’s working too hard on winning the Presidents Cup to let it happen. However…

It doesn’t look like Scott is going to take any further action?

Adam Scott’s Official Statement

Written on November 6, 2011 at 11:51 pm

I take this opportunity to address the comments that were made by my caddy, Steve Williams, at the Annual Caddy Awards Dinner this week in Shanghai, and the subsequent media reporting.


I want it made very clear that I do not support nor condone racism. I believe there is absolutely no room for racial discrimination in any walk of life, including the game of golf.


I have discussed this matter directly with Steve and he understands and supports my view on this subject. I also accept Steve’s apology, knowing that he meant no racial slur with his comments.


On behalf of my team, I apologize personally to everyone that was offended by the reported comments. Please accept this apology so we can all move on.


I now consider the matter closed. I will not be making any further comment.

I think Adam will regret this one?

By the way, the PGA Tour has no place making the decision here, can they discuss the matter with Scott? Yes and they should but, it’s not up to them.

International Federation of PGA Tours Comment

“We consider the remarks of Steve Williams, as reported, entirely unacceptable in whatever context.

We are aware that he has apologized fully and we trust we will not hear remarks ever gain.

Based on this, we consider the matter closed, and we will have no further comment.”

Why Are Stevie’s Words Good for Tiger?

And they are.

Tiger has dominated a selfish, fend for yourself, me against the field, sport for the last 14 years.

He even brought the ultimate individual sport to an even greater level the way he interacted with media and the way he operated his staff.

Tiger’s fortress of solitude has never been more clear than dumping Stevie for having the audacity to caddie for Scott during a long break.

Tiger’s camp doesn’t talk, Tiger’s camp doesn’t work for other people, this is why they have a tendency to talk so much once they have been disposed of.

Stevie, Butch and even Haney to an extent.

Tiger built an empire by keeping the “it’s me against you attitude” ever present in his consciousness.

Look at his record in team events, rather average, other than singles.

The fact is that Tiger, and rightly so, doesn’t play well with the other kids. The other kids can’t be trusted.

Look at the effect Fuzzy Zoeller’s comments had on Tiger, in case you forgot that here they are (joking):

On national TV right after Tiger had won the Masters by 12 shots, Zoeller told the camera, Gin and Tonic in hand:

“Tell him not to serve fried chicken next year”

and then poured on even more foolishness by adding:

“Or collard greens or whatever the hell they serve.”

Now, that was racist!

Let me ask you, when you hear Fuzzy’s name what do you think of? His 1979 Masters victory? No…you think of those stupid words he spoke in 1997.

And Scott shouldn’t fire Stevie?

But, what did Tiger do about it? He added 13 more Majors and over 80 more wins. A lesser person would have taken it to heart.

Two Reasons the Stevie Comment Helps Tiger

Reason Number 1

Tiger loves the Me against You atmosphere, he thrives in that atmosphere, this is what made him the GREATEST GOLFER OF ALL TIME.

Tiger loves poster board material, ask Stephen Ames, Tiger quietly sits in the background and uses this stuff as motivation.

Tiger thrived for so many years on the concept of pure intimidation. The way he controlled his emotions during a round, the cold handshakes, the Mickelson snubbing on the tee in the Ryder Cup, Phil was on his TEAM!

Tiger absolutely loves golf because of the almost selfish nature of the sport. I’m not saying this in a negative way at all, it’s a fact.

A top performing athlete has to have a self centered, killer instinct, Tiger was the ultimate predator.

I believe these comments will bring back that taste for blood that made him so great, for so long.

Reason Number 2

Under all that rhino-like skin is a person, yes an actually person, not a machine, who watches closely what the fans think of him.

Yes, he actually cares.

The last two years have been tough from that standpoint.

In the past it was just a player, or a coach, or a member of the media even, an agent (Chubby).

The last two years have been a time where Tiger was named the Least Popular Celebrity, and has been the brunt of shameless, disgusting jokes in the GENERAL PUBLIC.

Not quiet ridicule, ridicule that has been out-loud on 10.

Basically, he went from all the way on top, to all the way to the bottom, in the court of public opinion.

The Me against You philosophy doesn’t mean that Tiger can handle the Me against Everybody world, he’s been living in for the last 23 months.

Tiger needed a momentum shift in the court of public opinion, recently there had, at least internationally been, a bit of a “Poor Stevie” sentiment. There has been an impossible to miss “Tiger’s a jerk” sentiment, globally.

Tiger’s PR staff has to believe that this is the beginning of the reputation swing in the right direction. I’m not saying that they should misuse the comments but, there is no doubt that the PR people in Tiger’s camp have to view Stevie as the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m not suggesting, by the way, that these comments will have a meaningful commercial impact on Tiger’s bank account.

I couldn’t care less about that and neither could Tiger.

These words are the beginning of something that has been missing for such a long time, quite simply, in Tiger’s mind:

“Maybe people will start liking me again.”

It may sound odd that Tiger would need such a thought, but I suspect that the swing in sentiment, in Tiger’s direction, could be the biggest momentum swing in Tiger’s career.

I certainly hope so, because I’m not prepared to let these memories slip into history, quite yet.


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