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Sponsorship Opportunity

A while back I had posted about a Professional Golfer named Ron Stelten.

Ron has a proposal for you that could be profitable. The British Senior PGA Championship is coming up shortly and Ron is seeking sponsorship for this high profile senior event.

De Vere PGA Seniors Championship

Slayley Hall Golf Club (Hunting Course)

Newcastle, England

You can visit the tournament info page here: De Vere PGA Seniors Championship

As I mentioned before I don’t know Ron personally but I have respect for him as he is actually doing what so many of us sit around only thinking about. That alone commands respect in my book. Be sure to check out his site for all the details on the sponsorship opportunity.

Don’t forget to take a peek at his golf blog as well

Here is a broad overview of the sponsorship opportunity, you never know he could just get hot and you can be a part of it.

Pro Golf Sponsorship Opportunities

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