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Rickie Fowler is “Money”

Rickie Fowler is Living the LifeRickie Fowler

21 year old California kid with a flat swing who hits his driver pretty well, sticks 4 irons stiff, putts like a dream and reacts to pressure like a 21 year veteran. The whole time wearing crazy bright orange on Sunday in honor of his Alma mater Oklahoma State. Not only that but he seems to have the perfect mix of “good kid” and “bubbling confidence”. Fowler’s Career Stats and Money

Like Rickie’s Hat? Fowler’s Orange Hat

Sipping a Smoothie

Rickie Fowler is MoneyA couple weeks ago Bubba Watson sent this seemingly innocuous picture via Twitter of Rickie Fowler sitting in a little  restaurant in Orlando. The tweet simply said: “sipping a smoothie“.

That picture in itself is very much unexciting don’t get me wrong but, for some reason I couldn’t get the image out of my mind? Actually it’s not “for some reason” at all. It’s pretty easy to figure out. I am flat out crazy stupid jealous of that kid!

Key term here obviously being “kid”. As Fowler pointed out last week on the Golf Channel he should be a senior in college right now.

The part that really sticks is the fact that he and Bubba Watson were eating at a cafeteria style restaurant the evening of playing in Arnold Palmer’s own Bay Hill Invitational.

Granted the two shot rather unimpressive 78’s that day at Bay Hill but they didn’t appear to be too fazed by the unimpressive performance.

Why would they be? Well, it’s pretty simple they’re Living the DREAM!


Living the Dream

Watson and FowlerLast year Bubba Watson got into the Ryder Cup on points by virtue of his very strong playoff finish at the PGA Championship. At that point I was already a fan of the Bubba Show but I was still kind of unsure if the Bubba Show could continue to roll. It appeared as though the over-swing would get him into trouble. Once again I was wrong, it wasn’t the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

The reason why I mention this about Bubba is this. I sort of had a thought that Corey Pavin made Rickie Fowler a Captain’s Pick to keep Bubba calm. Bubba and Rickie are obviously very good friends and Bubba had a much different mantra following him around at that point. If you’re not aware Bubba has completely revamped his image and his outlook on life, in the past he was a much different person. He just needed to find himself and he was dealing with his father’s illness. That said, it is clear now why Bubba seemed on edge.

Back to Rickie, I’m told a simple look at Americans in the World Rankings as of Corey’s picks last year may have been another reason why he picked him, he was, at least close to, the next highest ranking American. So, I guess I may have been wrong.

Further, Rickie Fowler had a very impressive Walker Cup record (7-1) which as you know is similar in format (match-play) to the Ryder Cup competition.

As it turns out, Corey Pavin was just aware that Fowler is a Hunter.


Hunting Money Holes

RIckie Fowler Big Game HunterYou may remember last year that Rickie Fowler wound up in a playoff for the $1 Million Kodak Challenge at Disney’s Magnolia Course. Now, he didn’t win the money but he was in there for the playoff. Why is that?

I think it’s incredibly obvious why. Because Rickie is money when the pressure is on and Rickie was aware each and every week which hole was the Money Hole for the Kodak Challenge.

I don’t want to take anything away from Troy Merritt, who won the Million bucks or Aaron Baddely both good players but, frankly they just happened to do well on those Money Holes throughout the year. Rickie Fowler Hunted Those 30 Money Holes.

I’m not foolish enough to think that each tour player isn’t aware of those holes but, not like Rickie. How can I be so confident that he performed well because the Money was on the line?

Because of how well he performed with NO MONEY on the line.


Rickie Fowler’s Ryder Cup Heroics

Due to rain delays and incredibly tough to handle TV coverage of the Ryder Cup, not to mention the Monday finish in Wales. The matches were played in the middle of the night and in order to DVR the final rounds on Comcast you needed to record the coverage plus about 6 episodes of Law & Order on TNT or else you missed it.  Which many people did.

The TV coverage issues combined with the fact that the US Team wound up losing the Cup caused a lot of people to miss what I feel was one of the most amazing losing finishes in the History of the Ryder Cup, yes I said “most amazing losing finish”.

For those of you that missed it I can’t feel anything but remorse.

Fowler was down in a critical match at a critical point in the event to Edoardo Molinari and he wasn’t just down. With 4 holes to go Fowler was down 4 and the score was Europe 13 and USA 11 in the overall scores. The US only needs 13.5 to retain the Cup.

Just take a couple moments to watch what he did, keep in mind the world was watching and Rickie had the weight of a country on his shoulders:

please install flash

Yes, Rickie Fowler is money and I can confidently say that this kid is far more than good. He will be one of the greats.

The same kid, yes kid, can sip a smoothie after…oh a little tourny in Florida hosted by Arnold Palmer without a care in the world.

Yeah, I’m a little bit jealous. If you’re not, then you probably aren’t breathing.

The only reason this kid won’t win The Masters this week is a slight lack of experience it will have nothing to do with handling pressure.

Go conquer the world Rickie, you’re living the dream! Enjoy it and keep hanging with Bubba Watson, he’ll show you a thing or two about not only having fun but, winning some golf tournaments as well.

Rickie Fowler had a dreamIf you are a young golfer please, go out there and follow your dreams. I don’t want to scare you but, if you don’t, you’ll wind up regretting it later. I can be completely sure of this, more sure than anything.

If you’re not a young golfer, you know what I’m saying. Please, encourage the kids to get out and play and if they have talent, encourage them to dream and dream and dream.

So yes, Rickie Fowler is MONEY!


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