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Rickie Fowler gets Hot in the Desert

Rickie Fowler is MoneyMaybe Phil shouldn’t have poked the sleeping sniper yesterday on the range about his matching pink shoes and golf shirt. Phil looked at him and said “Sophie has some shoes like that, she wears them to dance class” Good stuff Phil! Sophie is Phil’s nine year old daughter.

Rickie winds up taking Phil out with devastating  force on Thursday beating the veteran 6 and 5. Rickie took over early winning holes 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13. Rickie was strong in all areas chipping in, draining long putts and bombing the driver in the desert. Every time I glanced at the TV Rickie was sticking a mid (or long)-iron in there under 3 feet. Very impressive to watch, he was -8 through 13!

Only one of the top seeds remains and that’s reigning PGA Champion Martin Kaymer. Further cementing the¬†theme of youngsters dominating this match play format. It’s important to note that Kaymer owns a home in AZ for a few years and he obviously is comfy in the dry heat….he’s obviously comfy in any heat?

J.B. Holmes barely made it in this event and here he is on day 3 still alive.

It seems as though this course is playing well to the long, highball hitter. Holmes, Bubba and Rickie are certainly in the long , highball category. Makes sense, the course is long as hell at 7,800 yards.

Not in the long, high hitter category is G-Mac. Graeme continues his deadly style of play into the third day with steady fairways and greens accompanied by Loren Roberts like putting. He’s on a run that is coming up on just about a year….doesn’t look like any slowing down. If it wasn’t for the Germanator’s 4 in a row late last year the Irishman would be staring #1 down this week.

Nice work G-Mac. By the way, you don’t look like a G-anything?

Speaking of #1 Kaymer can reach it by advancing to the final match this week.

Some sweet golf on today! Stay tuned!

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