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Phil Mickelson’s Place in History

Mickelson's Place in Golf History

Phil Mickelson is known as the premier Class-Act on the PGA Tour.

Phil has a nose for big events and he represents so much of what golf is meant to be.

Mickelson edged Tiger Woods as Golf’s top ambassador in recent years as his squeaky clean reputation as a family man and a sports icon has come into form and earned him over $60,000,000 in endorsements over the last year.

Phil has an amazing nose, most importantly, for history.

You most likely saw Phil make his presence felt on Thursday morning at the Masters as three of Golf’s pre-eminent historical figures launched the 2012 Masters as Honorary Starters, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player.

Phil had a 2:00 pm tee time and he was on the property, proudly wearing one of his 3 Green Jackets, at 7:00 am, nearly 7 hours before his late afternoon starting time.

His presence on the first tee that morning seemed, incredibly normal, for Phil.

Showing up in that situation for many would have looked like grandstanding or pompous but, for Phil, it was pretty much normal, almost expected.

Where is Phil Mickelson’s place in Golf History?

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  • Career Victories: 40
  • Major Championships: 4 (2004-2006-2010 Masters and 2005 PGA)
  • Presidents Cup Appearances: 9
  • Ryder Cup Appearances: 8
  • US Amateur Championships: 1 (1990)
  • Career Earnings: $65,956,358 (3rd all time)
  • Months at #1 Official World Golf Rankings: 0
  • Major Championship Runner Ups: 6
  • World Golf Hall of Fame: Yes (inducted 2011)

Getting it Done

Amazingly, as popular a player and as successful a player as Mickelson is, he has never spent a single moment as the Number 1 Player in the World, at least according to the Official World Golf Rankings.

Phil just has a way of getting it done.

His statistics, outside the number of wins, are relatively mundane.

He is known as a long hitter but, he’s not, he currently sits at 53rd in driving distance on the PGA Tour. He barely hits 56 percent of fairways.

He is known as a great putter but, he’s not, he will admit that he fights consistency.

He’s even known as a lefty, but he’s not, he just swings a golf club left handed. His somewhat official nickname is even “Lefty”.

How is it that Phil just gets it done?

Phil gets it done with grit and determination. He never believes he is out of a hole, he is always thinking, no, knowing, that he will literally drain this next shot.

I didn’t say hit it close, I said “DRAIN”.

If you were coaching a young player is there anything about Phil’s game that you would try to instill in that player?

Would you teach him those suicide flop shots?

Would you have him attack pins on every hole?

Would you have him swing lefty, even though he’s right handed?

Probably not.

However a young player can still earn a lot from Phil Mickelson’s game.

Raw Confidence

Confidence is the ultimate equalizer in golf and Phil Mickelson owns the confidence category.

Phil has his caddie Bones, remove pins on almost all shots from 80 yards in, this is because Phil knows that he has a far better chance of holing out with the pin removed.

Again, one of those times when anybody else would look like a bit of a joke, we just expect it out of Phil Mickelson.

Pure Class

In victory or defeat, Phil Mickelson leads the field in class.

At the 2010 Ryder Cup, Hunter Mahan chunked a chip shot at a crucial moment in the final match and emotionally, he fell apart.

At the post cup team press conference Phil stood up for Hunter and took the microphone as Hunter was asked about the shot, a display of incredible class and leadership.

Tournament Golf Knowledge

There are very few who understand tournament golf quite like Phil Mickelson.

He understands pairings, positioning, scoring and just about everything else that would be considered intangible in tournament golf.

At age 41, we can only hope that the man we simply know as “Phil”, will stay motivated and inspired enough to keep playing, somehow, world class golf.

We Love Him Even though:
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  • Major wins could be higher
  • He’s never won the US Open
  • He could hit a few more fairways
  • He’s never been in great shape
  • The putter has a tendency to disappear at times
  • His losses always seem so tragic

These may just be all the reasons we love him so much?

Phil’s place in history is even more important than his number of victories.

I don’t believe there is any doubt that far into the future, Phil Mickelson’s name will be mentioned with the greats.

Ugly Phil Graphic


Oh and by the way, is there any explanation for this horrible profile picture the Golf Channel has been using lately, Phil must have really ticked off the guy in the graphics department in Orlando?

This is the worst profile picture on the PGA Tour, please change it GC!



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