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Official 2012 Rules of Golf

Official 2012 Rules of Golf Free DownloadsThe Official 2012 rules of golf are in-depth, detailed and sometimes quite confusing. Regardless of how sticky some of the rules may appear it is still important to follow these rules in order to maintain integrity in golf, the handicapping system and of course, yourself.

The R and A and the USGA made a few alterations to the rules of golf in 2012, most notably the Webb Simpson rule regarding a ball at rest on the putting green.

In 2011 there was a major rule change regarding the disqualification for returning an incorrect score card after an obscure penalty. You can read about that rules update here.

Below are three versions of the 2012 Rules of Golf you can download as an E-Book in PDF format or as an App for your smart phone or iPhone.

First is the Pocket Reference Guide to the Rules of Golf by the R and A, it is a quick version that you can put in your golf bag or in your score card holder. It covers the most common circumstances you will encounter on the course.

Pocket Reference Guide to the Rules of Golf (9854)


Second is the Official 2012 Rules of Golf from the United States Golf Association. This is the detailed version which has been completely updated for 2012 with all the new updates and revisions to previous guides.

Official 2012 Rules of Golf PDF Ebook (8823)


Third is the 2012 Official Rules of Golf USGA App. You can download the app for iPhone, Blackberry or Android mobile devices.

Free Rules of Golf Application Downloads


Not only are the rules important on the course, these resources can be used to settle some pretty intense arguments at the 19th hole as well. At least that’s what I’ve found!

Having the Official Rules of Golf is only half the battle, following them is the key!

official 2012 rules of golf

Golf-Newz would like to thank the USGA for these rules and for all they do.


  1. Maybe I’ll carry around the most recent version in my golf bag and ppull it out to prove who the best is.

  2. Thanks for the PDF! Just what I was looking for.

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