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Nationwide no Longer now Tour Tour Announcement becomes Title Sponsor for Ex-Nationwide Tour

The PGA Tour announced this morning that they have entered a 10 year agreement with to replace Nationwide Insurance as the Title Sponsor for the developmental tour.

Nationwide Insurance exited their deal with the PGA Tour last year as the Title Sponsor.

Nationwide Insurance, based in Columbus, OH, became the Title Sponsor for Jack’s Memorial Golf Tournament beginning this year.

The deal with is effective immediately. The financial terms are not disclosed.

Who is

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As a component of the agreement to become the Title Sponsor, will gain access to all 27 events and over 35 PGA Tour events, where they will put their services on display for tournament patrons to view and gain a better understanding of the products available from the company.

New Qualification Add Significance to Tour

The Tour is growing in significance as the PGA Tour has altered qualifications for a PGA Tour Card.

For as long as anyone can remember, the PGA Tour has held “Q School” a 6 round marathon event held each August which allows anyone who can pay the entrance fee of approximately $5,000, to get shot at finishing high enough to qualify for a Tour Card.

Beginning in 2013, you will no longer be able to qualify for the PGA Tour via Q School. You will now have to finish in the Top 25 of the Tour in order to get your card.

This shift does come with some controversy as it is believed that many highly ranked college amateur players will ditch school in favor of going to Q School now. Starting in 2013, Q School high finishers will gain entrance to the Tour as opposed to the PGA Tour.

Patrick Cantlay is the most recent to dump amateur status and turn pro in the last week. The reason for this is simple. In order to gain PGA Tour exempt status in the past you could simply go to Q School in August and be in the PGA Tour the following season.

Starting next year, you will need to grind out a season in between, on the Tour and finish in the Top 25 on the money list. Tour Will Be More Interesting

This will also bring some fringe players that missed the Top 125 on the PGA Tour Money List, the previous year to the newly branded Tour.

This has potential to put some names you know playing in the fields at events. Under the old rules they would have simply gone to Q School and got their status back.

While the name may not roll off the tongue like “The Nike Tour”, it is a good marriage for the PGA Tour, with a good company.

The reality is, even with the new rules surrounding the PGA Tour Card Qualifications, there weren’t many suitors for the sponsorship that either didn’t support the tour in other ways or do not have conflicts with other Title Sponsors.

Tim Finchem’s Tenure as PGA Tour Commissioner Coming to an End

The 10 year deal caps off quite a run as Tim Finchem’s tenure at the PGA Tour is coming to a close.

In recent months, Finchem has added value to the Fall Series by making these dead season events part of the FedEx Cup. Finchem did this by altering the start date of the Official PGA Tour Season to just before the Fall Series schedule, as opposed to January of the following year. This change gave them the ability to add these events to the FedEx Cup without moving the Tour Championship events that start in the early fall.

He has added value to the new Tour as described above.

He wrapped up a long term deal with FedEx to remain the sponsor of the wealthiest single payout in sports, the $10,000,000 FedEx Cup.

He also recently extended all the broadcast agreements with the major TV outlets for 10 years.

Mr. Finchem retires from the Tour next year and…he leaves the Greatest Tour On Earth in Great Shape. Finchem will certainly go down in history as one of the best PGA Tour Commissioners in history.

Thanks for your service Mr. Finchem.

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