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MUST READ – Masters Story

Visualize It!

It isn’t strange at all to see a tour player on TV standing behind the ball, eyes closed, visualizing the entire golf shot from takeaway, to ball flight, to how the ball lands and runs. Many high level professional golfers utilize visualization as a tool for success.

But what about visualizing an entire career?

The James and Frederick Story

Frederick sat on the terrace of his beautiful home in Charlotte, North Carolina sipping a cup of coffee one morning. In front of him was his garden, he had learned gardening from his father and it was something he had always enjoyed in his free time.

It is rare that he’s able to sit at home in peace and enjoy himself as his highly successful career sends him traveling over 30 weeks per year. He has the respect of virtually everyone in his professional life, a great life that has yielded millions of dollars and too many great moments to remember.

His phone chirped and he looked down to see who was texting him, it was James, a long time friend from Frederick’s college days. He chuckled as he read the text and sent a quick reply.

As he looked over the grounds of his home a smile came across his face, he has thought about all the great times and all the success before, but never like this.

As Frederick sat, he realized that he was living his dream in almost every way, he has a job he loves, he earns tons of money. “Why is this all happening?” he thought, “Why is it that I’ve been so fortunate?”.

He began thinking back to the beginning and it wasn’t hereditary, his father was a Parks and Recreation worker in Seattle, none of his relatives were wealthy.

As he thought back through his childhood and then through high school, he couldn’t really put his finger on the turning point in his life. He then started thinking back to college in the late 70′s at the University of Houston.

He smiled to himself as the memories began to rush back from his college days. Frederick thought about the good times he and James had at Houston, “boy those were the days” he thought.

James, as “luck” would have it, is at the top of his profession as well and just like Frederick, James has earned 10′s of millions and earned the respect of an entire industry.

Suddenly something clicked for Frederick as he thought about James.

It suddenly occurred to him, as strange as it sounds Frederick and James had sat around for endless hours in their Houston dorm room planning this life they had created for themselves.

“Wait a minute”, Frederick thought to himself, “James and I did pretty much plan this life”.

Frederick started thinking about James and how they would literally act out every little detail with each other, about how they were both wealthy and at the top of their respective professions.

They would theorize and go into great detail about how this plan could be executed. The other guys on their floor told them both they were nuts and they should come back to reality. That didn’t matter because James and Frederick had a dream and a goal, a big goal.

Freddy and James had a goal of being at the top of their professions and they did just that. They actually began visualizing this success years earlier.


Before I go on I just want to point out how absolutely improbable the next part of this story is. The odds of this happening and happening in a way that the whole world could see are simply and literally billions to one.


But, odds have absolutely nothing to do with it.

In 1978 Fred Couples, on the golf team at University of Houston and Jim Nantz, a broadcast journalism student at the time, had actually role played, in their dorm room, the act of Fred winning the Masters at Augusta and Jim holding a microphone interviewing Fred as he was handed the Masters Green Jacket behind the iconic 18th green.

On April 12, 1992 this very dream ACTUALLY happened, just like they had acted out years earlier.

Next time you see a tour player standing behind their ball, eyes closed visualizing a shot, remember this story.

If two of the most successful people in the world can visualize an entire career, then I think it may make sense to consider visualizing each and every golf shot……and maybe more.

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