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Golf Marketing and Guest Posting

Golf Marketing on Golf-Newz


Do you have a golf blog you would like to promote?

If you have a golf blog and you would like to promote it on, let’s work together. You can choose an interesting golf topic and guest post here on the site.

You will be credited at the end of the post within the bio of your choice. In order to achieve a link back to your site you will need to submit two articles, within your second article you can point a link at the page of your choice and in the anchor text of your choice. The link will remain active permanently.

Exception – if your site is greater than 24 months old and the home page is a PR 3 or higher, you can have a link in the first article.

Each article should be a minimum of 600 words, longer articles are suggested. The articles should be considered feature quality, this means that they will be interesting today and one year from today. Short, current event stories will not be considered. The article must be COMPLETELY ORIGINAL and cannot be re-posted anywhere on the web.


Are you a Golf Pro and would like to market yourself by submitting golf tips or instructional information?

Market Your Teaching TechniquesWe are interested in your tips and instruction, as are our readers.

Please submit your article, videos and images via email and we will get your know-how noticed!

Don’t forget to submit your Bio for the bottom of the post and the web address of your club.


Are you marketing your golf course?

If you are the owner of a course or an ad agency seeking to promote a new or existing golf course, please feel free to submit your written course description.

The description must be written in third person and must contain commentary from actual players who have played the course.

Please submit web address, minimum of 3 images, course name, architect info, redesign info, list of amenities and any information about promotions you are willing to extend to our readers.

You can have a link in the bottom of the article in the anchor text of your Course Name only.


Do you have something interesting about golf you would like to say?

Well say it!

You don’t have to be a professional writer to spout off about golf here on If you would like to write an article about a golf related topic don’t hesitate. Send us an email that contains your article in a word doc and we will review it and most likely post it. We will have final editorial say on all articles but, you will be credited at the end of the article if you wish.


Do you have an interesting golf media idea and you would like to collaborate with

Here’s the deal, none of the giant golf sites got there on their own. They all work together and guess what? They’re good and they are working against US!

If you have a golf site and you would like to discuss some sort of media or advertising cooperation, let us know. We are actively seeking joint ventures within the Golf Industry.

Our goal is to be a Top 10 Golf Media Website by the year 2015, it’s a lofty goal but well within reach and we know we can’t do it on our own. Let’s work together to promote each other in some way.


Are you a professional golf writer?

If you are a professional golf writer and would like to write for, please send an email containing a link to 3 samples of your writing live online.

We will review it and possibly submit a bid to you for some quality golf content. We pay on a monthly basis and would like to see a minimum of 3 articles from you. We pay on completion only, unless we have worked with you before.


Article Submission Instructions

All articles should be submitted in MS Word Doc format or HTML in plain .txt if you have basic styling you would like to see.

Always include a Bio about yourself and/or your company if you would like to promote yourself or your products.

You can only include links within the article if:

  • You are a PGA Teaching Professional
  • You are the owner of a golf course or authorized representative
  • You are not a PGA Professional and have submitted your second quality guest post
  • Or you have purchased an ad package

To discuss any of the topics above or something else of interest, please email:  info (@)

All content must be reviewed and approved by golf-newz editors prior to posting.

Submitting content to Golf-Newz constitutes a complete release of the content rights to Golf-Newz. Content must be completely original and cannot be re-posted anywhere online, ever.

Cheap and worthless products that introduce little value to golfers will never be considered for review or advertising.

We reserve the right to change any policy, at any time, without notice or cause.

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