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Longest Driver for 2012

Longest Driver 2012The Longest Driver 2012


There are two drivers on the market which demonstrate the amazing technological advances in golf recently. Callaway Golf introduced the Razr Hawk made from a new material. In 2012 Callaway added fitting to their Razr Hawk, which they call the Razr Fit.

TaylorMade introduced the R11 which offers all in one club fitting. New for 2012 TaylorMade continues to pour on the stiff competition by developing the R11s. The “S” model was the result of PGA Tour Player feedback.

Callaway Says Composite Science Creates the Longest Driver for 2012

Longest Driver 2011aThis new material has been developed in conjunction with some researchers who know a thing or two about speed, Italian Automaker Lamborghini . This very unique process allows for over a half a million micro-fibers per square inch to create a material that is lighter and stronger than the commonly used titanium.

The precision of the technology comes from the ability to forge the scientific material to one thousandth of an inch. This precision milling technique allows Callaway to eliminate all non-essential weight from the club.

The company claims that this material and forging process is the future of golf. The nature of the process allows for maximum forgiveness and maximum club-head speed.

Turbostratic Technique

Turbostratic describes the atomic structure of the high strength carbon fibers used in Forged Composite. Sheets of carbon atoms are intertwined and aligned with the length of the fiber to provide much higher strength than typical titanium fibers.

The official definition is: “A type of crystalline structure where the basal planes have slipped sideways relative to each other, causing the spacing between planes to be greater than ideal.” (I think that means there is more “air” in between each micro-fiber?)

Science and Golf Meet to Create Longer Drives

Callaway claims they are able to eliminate as much as 25% of the club’s weight. By taking weight away from the club-head, the company has been able to redistribute weight to other, highly essential components of the club, mainly, the shaft. Adding a longer shaft will add distance. The lighter club-head, slightly longer shaft and incredible aerodynamics is reportedly adding an average of 8 yards to each drive during tests with PGA Touring Professionals.

Callaway Razr Fit – New for 2012

One of the Longest Drivers in 2012The Callaway Opti-Fit fitting system gives the company an opportunity to fire back at one of the most Popular Drivers ever released the  Adjustable R11. The Callaway fitting system details:

Hosel Adjustment – Gives you the ability to adjust the face angle Open, Neutral or Closed.

Weight Adjustment – Gives you the ability to move the clubs center of gravity in order to play with the flight of the ball. The weights come in 2 grams and 12 grams. Switching weights will help you promote either a natural ball flight or a slight draw spin.

You’ll notice two locations for weights on the bottom of the club, one near the heal and one near the toe. You can interchange the 2 gram weight and the 12 gram weight back and forth between the two locations and toggle the spin. Theoretically, the lighter weight out near the toe will create more draw spin and vice-versa.

Callaway has made one of the most aerodynamic drivers in golf even more streamlined for 2012, new face and club head shape reduce drag from wind resistance by nearly 14%.

New milling and forging technology has allowed the engineers to redistribute much of the weight from the sweet spot outwards toward the perimeter of the club. This allows for better weight distribution and a larger sweet spot.

TaylorMade Golf’s Longest Driver

Longest Driver 2011bTaylorMade has brought a bunch of new innovations to the driver area in recent years with their very successful R line. First it was the introduction of Moveable Weight Technology (MWT) in the R7, followed by Flight Control Technology (FCT) in the R9.

TaylorMade has made even more advancements with the R11, which features what they call Adjustable Sole Technology (AST). AST allows the player to adjust the face angle of the club from open to neutral to closed, depending on what best fits their game. In addition to this new technology, the R11 sports a matte white paint scheme on its crown (the combination of white crown and black face is supposed to help with alignment). This new, cool look is sure to gain plenty of talk in addition to the new AST when the R11 starts getting out into the market.

New Driver for 2012 from TaylorMade – The R11s

The Longest Driver 2012The R Series of drivers from TaylorMade has been in place for a number of years however R11 has allowed TM to really separate themselves from the competition. So, why the S?

The only major change to the R11s from the R11, which was released in 2011 is that for 2012 they altered the center of gravity which causes less spin off the face.

The Tour Players that were using the R11 were reporting that the ball felt a bit “spinny”. The 2012 edition solves this problem by moving the weight more towards the toe.

When it comes to amateur play, don’t concern yourself with running out and getting the new R11s right away. If you have the R11 and you are above a 6-8 handicap you will never notice the difference. The adjustment on the sole does have two extra settings with a total of 5 on the 2012 model, as opposed to the 3 on the 2011 version.

I have the original R11 and I set all the sole settings to completely neutral, I just don’t believe that tweaking these offsets without making fixes to your swing will actually help you. I just simply love the driver, if it was not adjustable, I would still own it.

The adjustment exception would be, the adjustment to the loft and to the weighting system. The 9° is actually a 9° degree and it can be a bit tough getting it in the air. By adjusting the loft up, the problem was completely solved. Also, I was tending toward a uncharacteristic hook and moving the heavier weight out near the toe, this was solved as well.

I’ve taken the chance to swing a whole bunch of the drivers out for 2012 in a simulator and tracked the results. Obviously the best results were with the R11 however, the Razr was pretty close and none of the others were in the same league. The R11 did produce on average 5 +/- yards extra distance, thus, the R11 is the longest driver on the market. 

Both Drivers are fantastic. The driver that feels better to you should win. Simple as that.

[box title=”What about the ball?”]Before you go don’t forget to learn about the Longest Ball in golf. Check out the Nike 20xi[/box]

Before you buy at your local store be sure to check prices online:

Golf Galaxy

The R11S Retails for Approximately $399

The Razr Fit Retails for Approximately $399

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Best Price on Longest Driver 2011UPDATE 3/31/11: Looks like the Razr has some cracking issues, I had mentioned above that it may make sense to wait for 2.0. Phil Mickelson cracked his 3rd Razr in the last few days, today he cracked one on National TV. Not a good sign for Callaway but they’re a good company I’m sure they’ll replace the club for you.

Best Price on Longest Driver 2011UPDATE 2/17/12: The Razr has completely addresses any cracking issues with their latest technology.


  1. nik dallos says:

    seriously, if you put a three hundred dollar shaft in a john daly k mart driver , you would probably be able to hit it three hundred yards. X stiff is the only way to hit a golf ball, my 60 year old dad plays an extra stiff, and he has never hit the ball further and straighter

    • I don’t know Nik, the shaft is an important part of the club but, don’t dismiss the weight, size and material of the modern clubhead.

    • hooterstourpro says:

      wrong, my friend. the shaft may be 90% of the equation, but without the right head, the equation is -10%.

      most amateurs should hit a regular shaft with a lower launch angle. you will be able to control the ball better and get alot more roll = more distance , in the fairway. a high launch anagle and up, with a stiff or xstiff is a recipe for disaster, unless you like foraging in the woods.

  2. The woods are full of long drivers. You never score at golf from the tee. The only thing you want to achieve from there is to keep it in play. You want to keep your handicap in the double digits, put efforts in your driving instead of your approaches and short game.

    The closest you get to whole and the most your shots are important.

    • No doubt, confidence around the greens is key to scoring. But, confidence off the tee comes in pretty handy as well. The fact is that MOST, not some, are seeking distance. Anyone who wants short-game practice shuld head over to and take a look at those indoor greens!

  3. Peter Landry says:

    People who say being long off the tee is unimportant, like Olivier, probably do so because they are short hitters. As a solid single digit handicap, I can tell you how important it is to come into par 4 holes with a PW or 9 iron, instead of. 5 or 4 iron! The driver is a very important club!

    • I agree. Not least because off the tee you have the biggest target zone you are going to get. In other words, the premium is on distance not accuracy. Even the short straight hitters on tour are in the gym every day trying to eek out a few more yards (some succeeding quite nicely). The question for me would be is the Razr Hawk still the longest, or is it worth it too look at the Razr Fit. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to get test data on those clubs.

      • Hi Shane,

        The new fit is a pretty neat club but, still like the R11 better, I’ve fallen for the White head I feel more comfortable with it.

    • Hey Peter, no disagreement here. Thanks for the input.

    • hooterstourpro says:

      If Nicklaus, Norman, and Tiger (among other greats), that the driver is the most important club in the bag, I’ll defer to them.

      Today’s players, the one I compete against are all about power. They don’t mind being in the rough if they’re just 50-80 yards from the green (on most par fours).

      Most amateur players are well served by something in the middle. Good distance with forgiveness. Since you can’t hit it as far as you think you can, stay in the fairway, even if it sacrifices 10-15 yards. 180 yards from the fairway is alot easier than 160 from the deep rough.

  4. Anis Zaman says:

    I want to know how driver head size influence driving distance?

  5. i love the razors i hit them both at a demo and cranked the raxor 245. i only hit the r11 220. considering im only 13 the callaway is the best for people my age. its weight sdjustment is a great tool for me and i love it!

    • Golf Newz says:

      Hey Calvin,

      That’s fantastic! A ball that goes 245 yards off the club of a 13 year old, speaks more to the operator than it does the club!

      Keep playing and of course, bombing those drivers!

  6. I have a callaway hyper X right now that is a few years old, and I hit it 320 – 335 off the tee. Will going to a newer club with new technology increase the yardage? (I realize this is already pretty far)

    • Golf Newz says:

      Hey John, that is some serious distance, obviously distance is the result of two things.

      1) Club head speed
      2) Pure contact
      Once those two things are achieved, the actual distance a golf ball will travel can be affected by trajectory.
      So, will you be hitting it even longer by using the new technology?

      A lighter and more aerodynamic club head will, by nature, move even faster, generating more distance.

      The new technology does have a more forgiving sweet spot on mis-hits. (although it sounds like you’re catching it pretty solid now)
      If you can shape the trajectory as you wish now, which it sounds like you are, you may not get much benefit from the new features.

      However, I would be willing to bet that by upgrading to the new technology, you may even find more distance due to the weight and loft adjustments. By no means do I hit it 320+ but, I was able to find more distance with an R11 by moving the heavier weight out near the toe, and by adjusting loft down a bit.

      Frankly, I would ask that you sit tight and not move to the new stuff, mainly so the rest of us still have a chance! :)

      FYI, you most likely have seen Tiger (at 36 years old) hitting it way past even the young guys lately. This is the result of using the new Nike 20xi balls, I would suggest an equipment change in the ball category, before I would suggest a driver change, at least for now and at least for you.

      Good luck though and please, if you make a change and do find even more distance than the 320-335 you mention, PLEASE do let us know.

  7. I used to hit only Taylormade and tried to hit those white drivers and tried both and found both to be junk, i still hit the olderburner superfast from 2010 which blows away the new ones. Always looking for something new i do hit it consistently 270 or soo and straight.I think Taylormade dropped the ball going to white i will never buy one of those ever.

  8. I am a long time callaway player and am interested in getting the new Callaway Driver – Razr fit, but concernes witht he cracking issues. Have they been rectified as yet. Also, is there any major difference between the razr hawk and razr fit with respect to distance and accuracy?

  9. How do you have this conversation and not mention the Titleist 910 D3 ??????

  10. Was a Cobra player then taylormade and now switched to Callaway Black 8.5 driver. I broke the shaft about 4 months ago. (My fault). Bought a Ad 60gram stiff shaft with 3.2 torque and installed it on the head. I extended it to 47.5 inches and now I smash it! Old shaft 275 yards average with a slight fade. Now? 300 yards with a slight draw. I have actually hit par four greens measuring 360 yards with a good bounce. Loved the driver before and was sad when I broke the shaft but now I am glad it broke it. The head does matter but the shaft is where it is at. If you hit your driver good buy a butt extender and when you replace the grip add a inch but remember overall length can not exceed 48 inches to conform to PGA rules.

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