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Ron Stelten

I’m a consummate Tiger fan and I fall into the “give it time” category when it comes to the swing. Frankly, the swing obviously isn’t where it was no doubt but, I feel Tiger is leaving it out there on the short game side as opposed to the swing.

Anyway, I came across an interesting blog run by a guy named Ron Stelten. It was interesting for a couple reasons. One, it was a relatively new blog but, it raised some very interesting  and well written points that created a correlation between Tiger’s swing changes and a swing change Jack Nicklaus underwent in the late 1960’s.

I was previously unaware that Jack went through a swing change and I am grateful to Mr. Stelton for pointing this out. He also pointed out that Jack went through a significant “Winless Major Streak” during this period and it was a streak that is longer than Tiger’s current winless streak by 2.

Further inspection of the blog revealed that Ron Stelten is a professional golfer. This wasn’t a surprise given the well trained eye that picked out the subtle changes from black and white photos taken in the 1960’s.

Ron needs our help, if you’re a golfer head on over to Ron’s blog and take a look at his thoughts on golf. If you’re a blogger maybe you’d want to think about linking to Ron’s site.

Ron has had a long career as a professional golfer and he really needs financial support to continue this career. He’s not looking for millions, just a few bucks to partner with him so he can meet the incredibly high cost of travel and such as he makes his way around the country qualifying for senior events.

Now, I have never met him, we’ve never even talked, I just found his insights on golf very interesting and I know you will too.

Ron’s Blog:

Ron’s Fan-Page:


  1. I have been meaning to write back. Thanks for the pitch.

  2. Golf Newz says:

    Hi Ron,

    My pleasure! Maybe you would want to guest-post sometime?

    If you would like to, please let me know. We’d love a couple tips from a Pro!

  3. Have you taken time off from posting?
    I have a favor to ask. I am trying to raise money from sponsors in order to play in the British PGA Seniors in Newcastle, England. I need about $3500 by June 1 to make the trip.
    Could you spread the word to your reader to visit for information and to sign up.
    Thank you,
    Ron Stelten

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