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Indoor putting greens have been gaining popularity. I had seen them online and I’ve seen them at large golf stores. However, there was always a big problem in my opinion, with every one I had seen, they all seemed like toys.

Putting is serious business and I’m not a solid enough putter to risk losing whatever stroke I do have by practicing on a toy. Most of the indoor greens I had seen (and the outdoor synthetic greens I had seen for that matter) were made of what can only be described as putting carpet.

Needless to say putting carpet does not simulate real bent grass greens. It simulates, well, putting carpet.

Earlier this year I was introduced to putting turf called Mirage TourPutt. Mirage putting turf is distributed by a network of franchises throughout the world and is typically used for outdoor synthetic putting green installations.

I had mentioned in an article earlier this year, how impressed I was at the realistic roll and durability of this synthetic putting turf. The stuff is truly amazing.

Recently a Mirage dealer called East Coast Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC contacted me and offered to bring me down to Charlotte and take a look at their putting greens they had been marketing locally and online for some time.

They had come across my earlier article here at Golf-Newz and said:

“If you’re impressed with what you saw in Mirage outdoor greens, you should see what we’re doing with our indoor putting greens.”

He also offered to get me out on Firethorn Country Club south of Charlotte, known as a great course and for its incredible difficulty. One of his sales guys is a member. A great guy named Joe Moody.

Indoor Putting Greens

Joe Moody – Firethorn Country Club

Needless to say, I accepted.

Pro Putt Systems Indoor Putting Greens

Brett and Pat of East Coast Synthetic Turf showed me by far, the best indoor putting greens, I have ever seen.

Best Indoor Putting Greens for Practice

Pat – East Coast Synthetic Turf and Pro Putt Systems

Here is the issue and constant problem with indoor putting. As mentioned earlier, most greens are made from low quality carpet not actual putting turf.

Furthermore, the problem with lifting the green off the ground, so the golf ball actually drops into a cup seems practically unsolvable, without building some sort of elaborate permanent structure.

Pro Putt Systems has solved both problems and they have added some very unique designs that I had never seen before, mainly because they didn’t exist. Let’s discuss…

The Turf

Indoor Putting Turf

Mirage Indoor / Outdoor Turf

Mirage TourPutt turf stands head and shoulders above the competition, until somebody shows me something new that can beat it, that’s a fact.

The look and feel is incredibly realistic, it takes chip shots just like a real putting green and it doesn’t have a cheap, single color, shiny look.

Mirage is designed so that the nylon strands stand up, independent of in-fill material (sand) and they roll perfectly in every direction. The turf itself is designed using multiple texture, size and shape fibers, this eliminates funky “grain breaks” you would typically find. Most synthetic turf makes a scuffing noise because the ball is skidding for the first few inches, Mirage turf reacts to putts just like real putting greens.

Mirage turf requires NO SAND, most putting green turf (such as Southwest Greens) requires sand infill in order to keep the individual nylon fibers standing at attention. I can understand why you would need some sand fill when you are hitting full shots to a synthetic green but, there is obviously no way you could bring half a yard of sand in your home.

I can not find another dealer other than Pro Putt Systems that has had the foresight to bring Mirage Turf to indoor putting greens in a pre-packaged system.

The Base System

Indoor Putting Made Easy

Indoor Putting Base System

Pro Putt has also landed a dealership agreement with the company that provides the absolute best in base systems.

Problem: lifting the entire indoor putting green up, so the ball drops into a cup.

Pro Putt has solved this problem as well, they use an amazing base system made from high quality plastic that interlocks and fits together like a simple puzzle. It requires no tools to put together and anyone could assemble the base in just a few minutes.

No need to know how to use a hammer and no need to drill any holes in your floor. This stuff is genius.

Putting Green Design

Pro Putt Systems has changed the typical design concept and made their indoor putting greens both great looking and fully functional.

My first question was, “Where’s the fringe?”

They have intentionally dumped the fringe in favor of extra putting square footage. They pointed out how, from a practical standpoint, fringe is worthless for indoor putting.

I have to agree that fringe is kind of pointless, as most decent players putt from fringe that close to the actual putting surface anyway.

To practice chipping on your indoor green you can use a portable and highly functional chipping pad. The chipping pads come in a prefect square or a perfect circle.

You can also add any type of undulation you wish to your green using a simple shim system. 

Shipping Your Green

The big issue I saw in these indoor greens was shipping. I picked up a 2’ by 2’ piece of their base system and it is very high quality. With quality comes weight, with weight comes incredibly high shipping costs.

Pro Putt Systems subsidizes a huge percentage of the shipping cost.

Their most popular, and my favorite, indoor design is called the Executive Tour Pro. This indoor green measures 16’ long and almost 8’ wide at its widest point. Pro Putt Systems only charges their customers $80 for shipping in the contiguous US. That is very competitive. The total cost to ship these greens must be around $250, so $80 is a great deal.

It takes approximately 10 days from order to delivery to get one of these great putting greens to your home. Pro Putt indicated that they will be able to take orders until about December 10th for Christmas delivery.

Right now they are offering a sale of 10% off, I’m not sure how long this will be running?

If you are considering a Pro Putt Indoor Green for a Christmas gift, I would consider ordering a bit earlier to be safe.

Custom Putting Greens

Pro Putt Systems also offers custom designs. You can follow a few simple steps and have a custom shape and size green delivered to your home, ready to put together like a puzzle.

My Order

I ordered my indoor putting green, the Executive Tour Pro just the other day, when I get it I’ll time the set up and video tape some putts and chips so you can see exactly what I saw when I visited them in NC.

If you’re looking for a way to continue practicing and sharpening your putting stroke during the winter months, Pro Putt Systems is definitely the best value and most realistic indoor putting experience you will ever find.

You can visit their website and find out for yourself:

Pro Putt Systems



  1. An indoor putting green at your own residence gives you years of entertainment and the ability to improve your game without leaving your home! An indoor golf putting green appeals to those in colder climates where the weather prohibits playing golf outdoors.

  2. Jakethegolfer says:

    Went on your recomendation and bought one of these Pro Putt Systems. Bought Golf Shop Model 7 x14. It took me a little over two weeks to receive but well worth the wait. The thing is awesome. Very impressive quality and the ball roll is excellent..better than any golf store green i’ve ever used.. I’m going to order the chipping pad circle with rough and fringe on it. Curious if you have ever used this, it looks good? If it is as good as the green itself, I’ll be impressed. Thanks for the tip I almost bought from a different company. Glad I found this write up.

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