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Golf GPS Units

best golf gps for 2012Having a good GPS range finder on the golf course is crucial, but they can help a lot on the practice range too.

Knowing exactly how far it is to the front of the green and how far to┬áthe back of the green is only the beginning when it comes to Golf GPS Technology. Laser range finders are very accurate, probably a little more accurate than the GPS units but, not by much. GPS allows you to know exactly what your distance is off the tee as well and this is where laser range finders don’t work. Knowing exactly how far a turn in the fairway is or to know how far to the edge of a fairway bunker can be incredibly valuable.

GPS Units aren’t only for the course either, they’re very handy on the practice range as well. You can never depend on those range flags to be accurate, many of them were just stepped off.

Knowing exactly how for your shots are traveling is a key element in lowering your scores.

There are hundreds of different GPS Range Finders available, we’ve selected a few for you to take a look at. You can click through to the Amazon website if you would like more information.


  1. I’ve used the SkyCaddie SGX for the last couple years until I picked up the new Bushnell Pro 1M laser rangefinder. Now I don’t ever see myself using the GPS unit again. I find the laser rangefinder a lot more accurate and I like the ability to pick any target and be able to have the exact yardage.

  2. I have used the GPS unit for 2 years. And it now work still works perfectly

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