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Need Help! – Have You Tried A Golf Simulator?

Golf Simulator ReviewsHey There,

We need your help with a project we’re working on.

We need some reviews of golf simulators, it doesn’t matter where you used it or if you own one yourself, we need to know more about simulators of all sizes and costs!

Some basic research has shown that they range in price from very inexpensive to very expensive. Price ranges from Opti Shot by “Dancin Dogg Golf” for $399, the P3 Proswing for $599 all the way up to very high end such as TruGolf Simulators and aboutGolf Simulators that are in the $20,000 to $40,000 range.

It would be great if you could share your experience with these simulators of any price range.

If you used a great simulator at a golf store, please share which store and I’ll try to discover the brand they use.

If you own a simulator, please help me out by either leaving a comment below or even better, by sending me an email with a basic Pros and Cons list and a couple pictures.

If you are a simulator manufacturer or dealer, please don’t hesitate to weigh in, again either in the comments below or with an email with some additional information.

If you simply know a good resource online for Simulator Info please do share that as well.

You can send any information to:  info (at)

Residential Simulators

Commercial Simulators

Indoor Practice Ranges

If you are a dealer or manufacturer I will be happy to give you a link and post some info about your company in exchange for some much needed information. 

We really would appreciate any information that could be used to form an intelligent and unbiased opinion of these machines.

Thank you in advance for your help with this!


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  1. A good friend of mine has a simulator machine from ProSwing and it really is a nice machine. Probably 20 or so courses and pretty realistic for the price. I think it’s pretty good. Hope this helps.

    • Golf Newz says:

      Thanks for the info Eddy. I have heard good things about them. Thank you! I will email you a gift for your feedback!

  2. I have used the PGA Golf Simulator at Maggie McFly’s restaurant, located in Brookfield, CT. I have tried a couple of other simulators at a few golf stores but really nothing compares to how realistic this simulator seems to be. It tells you every statistic, such as ball speed, spin, club head speed, angle of impact, etc. In seeing this info after every shot I am able to take this info and tweak a few things to improve my game. Being an avid golfer, I know how I hit my shots on a real course. In playing this simulator I hit the same shots, so I feel that it is relatively accurate. With this simulator if you hit the ball in the rough or sand it has separate spots to hit from to try and simulate that situation. The fun part about it is that you get to use all of your clubs for every shot so it makes it very fun to play and I find myself going back there quite often during the winter time. There is also a virtual driving range that you can use which I find incredibly helpful. On this simulator there are 20+ golf courses from around the country to choose from, so getting a chance to play courses that the pros actually play on is exciting. I don’t exactly know which model this simulator is but if you want I can certainly find out for you, and any more info you would like to know please feel free to ask and I would be happy to let you know.


    Russell Newman

    • Hi Russel,

      Thank you very much for the valuable information!

      I will look into the brand you mentioned and may have a couple more questions. I believe you did a pretty great job in your description though!

      To All: You should swing on over to and sign up for their daily golf deals!

  3. Am considering purchasing a Pro Swing simulator. Would be interested if you had any new information on the realism or quality of their product. Also, would like to know the model of the simulator that Russell used at Maggie McFly’s restaurant.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Golf Newz says:

      Hey Carl,

      The feedback I have heard about P3 Pro Swing has really been pretty good, for the price.

      The simulators at Maggie McFly’s are “aboutGolf”.

      At the top of this article you will see a link to P3 Proswing, you can click on the P3’s there and I believe there will be more reviews.

      Thanks for the input/question! If anyone has more details, please, do share.

  4. Golf Simulator says:

    The best way to work on your golf swing is Golf Simulator experience in Manhattan. You and your friends would surely enjoy.

  5. Liz Murray says:

    Playing golf simulators can be very beneficial. This will aid decide on the stance that is working well for you. You’ll be able to recognize and sustain the appropriate position, your play will incredibly improve.

  6. steven larkin says:

    I am between a pro swing 3- a opti shot or a used par t double eagle 2500. Any helpful info would be great, to help me make a choice in witch one to purchase.

    • Golf Newz says:

      No experience with Par T. However, in the price range you’re looking at, I have heard nothing but good things about P3 Pro Swing. I’ve used numerous models of the high end machines and many of those who have also used the high end simulators, also like the P3. The Opti-Shot is fun but, not like the other models. FYI- I feel the best value out there right now is Foresight Sports. Similar to trackman (not quite but…) it is portable and you can set it up with a 15′ screen for around $10k. Tough to beat that and you can take the electronic device to the range with you. Good luck!

  7. Hi,
    I recently purchased a optishot and the octagon mat that has the insert for the optishot. Used it for the first time last night and it has me with a severe closed club face (25 degree’s)! The interesting thing is that I have new clubs that are an inch longer in length and 2 degree’s upright. I had alread put this info in prior to using the practice range. I went in and changed the upright on the club I was hitting to 1 degree and the shots flew straighter with a lot less closed face.. I also had to turn up the distance to 125 so the shots went the distances I usually hit them. Is this giving a false reading by doing this? Or is this a problem when you have clubs that are more upright and enter the info optishot proceeds to close the clubface automatically on a result swing?

  8. I recently purchased the P3Proswing over the Optishot. Besides the technology advantages, what really put it over the edge for me was the newly released online play for the P3Pro that is available via World Dunes. The World Dunes online golf club offers P3Pro users the ability to schedule and join online matches and participate in daily and weekly games and tournaments. It is a great way to keep your game sharp over the winter.. Check out You will be glad you did.

  9. I purchased a Protee system about a year ago with the vertical and horizontal cameras along with the putting sensor. The pros are: the putting sensor works great, and you get I believe about 80 courses with the package. The cons are many; constant bugs, constant setting the camera to detect the ball, on high loft clubs as the wedges the cameras do not pick up the high trajectory and either show the shot flat or distorted(they know this problem and have promised an update for a year now that has not come), my main sensor failed an I had to send it to the Netherlands and it took six weeks to get it back. The main sensor pad has now failed again. If you need assistance online; the time difference will have you up in the wee hours connecting with support. Just a small piece of anything gets on the sensors and you get errant shots and they have to watched and cleaned off constantly as they use the shad of the club and ball to detect such. You will need a higher graphics card than they say you need or many of the courses will crash while playing. We have just replace ours with the Foresight simulator and the difference is like night and day. We would have been well ahead to spend more on the Foresight than deal with the frustration of the bugs and service on the Protee.

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