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Golf Books

Golf-Newz has hand-picked a few great golf books that are certain to improve your game.

These are all very good books on golf but in terms of golf instruction there are two that really stand out. Particularly effective at improving your short game is “The Little Book of Indoor Golf Games”. Most can’t get out to the range or the course every day but, anyone can certainly make time each day to do a  few of these drills.

In our opinion, the most effective golf instruction book ever written was written by Ben Hogan “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons”. This book was originally not a book at all it was a series of articles written by The Hawk for Sports Illustrated. The series of articles was so helpful to golfers that they turned it into a short book. If you serious about learning the secrets to the best golf swing in history you will want to get a copy of “Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons”.

You can hover on these books and view price as well as customer reviews. If you would like more information feel free to click through to Amazon for deeper reviews and more golf books. (The Amazon widget doesn’t seem to work with Firefox, you can reload in Explorer)

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