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Get Better at Golf Fast

practice routine Do you want to get better at golf fast?

What does your practice routine look like?


There are a few steps you can take to improve your golf game rapidly. The first is simply spend a few hundred and set up a series of lessons with your local PGA Professional.

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If you don’t have a few hundred to spend on a pro, maybe you’d want to consider a good golf instructional product.

If you want to get better at golf the old fashion way then follow these steps on the range:

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making on the practice range is hitting the same club over and over. I’ll watch a guy on the range pull his 7 iron out of the bag and beat ball after ball, eventually he’ll start hitting it straight but he’s really not learning anything.

[note color=”#E8D60C”] The two most important golf books you’ll ever read:

I worked at a practice facility when I was young and I would watch  professionals practice their craft and I would watch the amateurs, the difference between the two practice routines couldn’t be more noticeable.

If you watch a pro hit balls you will rarely see them hit one 6 after the other, they MIX IT UP. If you’re hitting the same shot over and over you could probably train yourself to hit that shot with a 2×4 if you hang out long enough. More on this in a minute.

Here’s a good practice routine for the Driving Range:

1) First off stretch, a stretching routine is incredibly important. Touch your toes, full turns nice and slow, I think you get the idea. Take a few nice easy swings with a weighted club, just do what it takes.

2) With good posture, take a few little pitch shots. Concentrate on your line and your intended landing spot pick a unique spot for each shot. The range is filled with great targets, flags, range balls sitting by themselves off to the side, pump housings, mounds, trees, bushes and poles.

Each one of the targets have their own unique line and distance, this is the gold, line and distance.>

3) Play a range bound practice round. This is the most valuable practice advice I ever received. This technique is so simple and it is almost guaranteed to improve your golf scores in a hurry.

Put yourself in a mental 18 hole round. The best practice will come from taking a yardage book (which you can generate online with a little imagination) and actually play out a whole round. Grab your driver and tee off on hole 1 (yes your still on the range using your imagination). Then guess what you may have for an approach and pull out the iron and take that shot. If you blow the iron shot play a little pitch.

Pick your target on EVERY SHOT! Not just a line but where you want to land the ball. And never, ever hit the same club twice in a row once your warm up is finished. When was the last time you had two 8 irons in a row on the golf course.

When you’re watching some boring footage of Tiger at the PGA Championship hitting one after the other and never changing his club he’s not practicing that club. He’s practicing drills, which are totally different. Don’t do drills until you can actually hit shots. Save the drills for the short game, just chipping & putting at first.
Furthermore, when you see a touring pro hitting the same iron again and again, they aren’t hitting the same shot at all. They’re most likely hitting one high fade, one lowdraw, one high draw, one stinger and so on. Just because it’s the same club doesn’t mean it’s the same shot.

4) Put yourself in a situational state of mind. During this imagined round you’re playing out at the range, make yourself nervous. Try to stress yourself out before each shot. Does the friendly buck a hole game get stressful sometimes?

If you really want to get better at golf fast you want  to start practicing like those that are way better than you.

5) Go hit some putts. If you’re not practicing at a range with a decent putting green then you need to upgrade your range. Now, putting & chipping is ALL about simple drills and we’ll talk about that later.

When I started using this practice method I shaved a consistent 8 strokes off my rounds I went from a mid 80’s golfer to a high 70’s golfer very quickly and all I changed was the practice routine. You don’t have to be an avid range person either just once or twice a week is all you’ll need if you are practicing the right things.

Step 1 Warm up with stretches and practice swings

Step 2 Take little pitch shots concentrating on line and distance

Step 3 Play a “fake” round with the help of a yardage book and your imagination

Step 4 Never hit the same club twice in a row

Step 5 Practice chipping and putting As Much As Possible

Step 6 Break 80 finally

When you finally break 80 once, you’ll see an avalanche of 70 somethings, I promise!

I had never broken 80 and one day I shot 79, the very next week I shot a 73 and for two years never went north of 80; it’s all in your head! That’s why this practice method is so powerful. Ben Hogan practiced like this and he encouraged all average players to utilize this practice routine.

Once you start practicing the right things you will quickly become much better on the course, where it counts, very little satisfaction comes from being the best range player ever.

Hope this helps you get better at golf fast.

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  1. charles brown III says:

    The most important thing is to learn how to swing properly and fuhgeddabout “feel”… Know exactly what do doto have a proper golf swing. No more guessing or experimenting needed.

  2. charles brown III says:

    The most important thing is to learn how to swing properly and fuhgeddabout “feel”… Know exactly what to do to have a proper golf swing. No more guessing or experimenting needed

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