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Martin Kaymer Putting StrokeI’ve owned a few BMW’s and not one of them has performed as well as Martin Kaymer has in big golf events over the last 10 months. The kid can play and he will most likely be rewarded for his fine play with a World #1 ranking by Sunday Night. Granted, the wheels came off for a couple holes there in the middle of the round today at the WGC but the Dominant German came back big.

I think if you’re looking to sharpen up your game this spring the game to watch is the Germanator’s. The putting stroke is about as smooth as it gets, the short game is simple and effective and the swing is a how-to-video for fundamentals. It’s built for winning Majors not for showing off.

When it comes to putting I think we all can learn a thing or two here, pay particularly close attention to the pendulum motion in the shoulders on this guy. Again simple and effective. Simple and effective. Tic tock, tic tock.

The game is so simple and so solid that it isn’t effected by pressure and that is what big time golf is all about. It’s safe to say the world will get to know this kid and he’s going to be at the top of the heap for a long, long time.  

Look out Lee!

It’s safe to say Martin is looking like the “Ultimate Driving Machine”

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