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Fancy Shmancy Online Tee Times

Review of EZlinks.comI have to admit that I was hardly an early adopter of the online tee time phenomenon.

It took me a few years and more than a few on-course slaps from playing partners, who paid far less for the same round, to get me to wake up and realize that I was wasting money and even time, by booking tee times the old fashioned way.

I was in Florida playing at Legacy in Bradenton last winter (Great course if you happen to be on vacation in the Sarasota area) and I was thankfully paired with a far savvier golfer than I.

We were on the tee, about to play the fourth hole and he asked how I found the course. I told him I was looking in The Golfer’s Guide, I saw the course, so I called and booked a time.

He then said “You didn’t pay full price did you?”. I informed him that I had indeed paid a full green’s fee of $105.

He then said “I like to book on, I only paid $60”.

I went on to let him know that my fee included range balls and a cart. Well guess what? So did his. Well, now that’s just embarrassing, I run a golf blog for God’s sake!

If you’re not booking tee times online, you’re wasting time and money, it’s really as simple as that. Further, you should be ashamed of yourself!

So, what is is a company who has been around providing front end and back end services to the golf course industry since 1995. The company has processed over 400 million tee times since it’s inception.

The company operates a tee time call center that is open 24 hours and serves over 800 courses around the country.

A huge chunk of their business comes from providing “Tee Time Specials” and “Name Your Price” tee times.

What if I want to book a tee time for today? Well, no problem. The company offers same day tee times and when you show up at the course, your name is on the tee sheet, just like it would have been if you had paid full price.

How does it work? I’m not really sure, that’s the fancy shmancy part, all I know is it works and the system hasn’t let me down once.

Let Me Give You a Few $avings Examples

Example 1:

Discount Granite Links Tee TimesOne of the most popular courses in the Boston area is a course called Granite Links. It’s a 27 hole facility with awesome views of the Boston sky line, it’s always packed and a favorite of the corporate crowd.

You’re a small business owner and you want to take a few clients out to play this Thursday. You have two options, you can call the pro shop and book your time and pay $500 for the foursome or you can jump on and pre-pay $328 for that same foursome.

Choosing the EZLinks method would save you $172, that’s a no brainer! Now you can “big-time it” in the clubhouse after the round and buy drinks for the whole group as well, with your savings from simply jumping on

Example 2:

Skybrook Golf ClubI go to Charlotte for business and to visit friends quite often. There’s a good course called Sky Brook Golf Club located just north of the city in Huntersville, NC near Lake Norman.

You could call the pro shop and book a tee time for this coming Friday, the rate would be $59 per player. On the rate would be $33 per, with a cart. That’s a $26 savings per player.

These are off season rates but, you can get the same types of savings in the peak seasons as well. If you’re in the Charlotte area you should take a look at this course.

Example 3:

Marco Island Tee TimesYou’re on vacation in Naples, FL for the week. You’re obviously going to play some golf. The Marco Island Marriot has two good courses on property, one called The Rookery and one called Hammock Bay.

The Rookery charges $99 for 18 holes with a cart. You can book that same round on for $40. That’s a whopping $60 savings and a 60% discount!

This is a course that is regarded as a heck of a resort course, in a great area, that gets a lot of play. It’s not some back road dump!

Convenient and Easy

The savings is incredibly hard to argue, it’s there and it’s more than an insignificant amount of savings, it’s a good amount of money on each round of golf.

For some, convenience and ease of use may be even more important.

Simply jump online, choose Tee Time Specials, choose the date you’d like to play and then select your region. A large selection of courses will appear and you can choose the course and number of players.

You’ll be asked to open an account which takes less than 30 seconds and your card info (optional) and profile will be saved. Next time you jump on to book a tee time, all your information is right there and all you have to do is click twice and the tee time is booked.

They email you a confirmation and when you get to the course you can either give your name or confirmation number at check-in. Leave your wallet in the car, you’re all paid before you get there!

Selection and Course Quality

EZLinks currently offers more than 800 courses located mainly in high end areas around the US and abroad. The places you actually like to play golf.

You would think that only desperate courses on the verge of extinction would register with the service, but this simply isn’t the case. The courses are excellent and the tee times are mostly prime as well. New courses are being added all the time, every week there are tons of new courses coming online.

The cancellation policy is largely the same as any course you would make a traditional tee time at. Simply call EZLinks Customer Service or cancel online 24 hours prior to your tee time.

Why Use

Convenience, ease of use, course selection and course quality are a few of the reasons why you need to jump into 21st century and start booking your tee times online!

Savings will be the motivator for most, I estimate that I have saved approximately $400 booking tee times online over the last 4 months. That’s worth checking out!

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