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Discount PGA Tour Tickets

Golf TicketsAttending a PGA Tour Event is one of the most exciting things a devoted golf fan can ever do. Attending a PGA Tour Event at a deep discount is even better.

Be Sure to Compare PGA Tour Ticket Prices and Be Sure You are Buying the Correct Ticket Type – Guidance Below

Tour events are different than any other sporting event mainly because you can walk around and follow your favorite players or camp out at your favorite hole and watch all the players come through and play that hole. This provides for an up-close and personal experience with PGA Touring Pros.

golf tickets Golf Tickets Option 2 Discount PGA Golf Tickets

Here is a PDF Download of the 2012 PGA Tour Schedule:

2012 PGA Tour Schedule PDF (1901)

*The Best Type of Ticket to a PGA Tour Event

The best ticket, in my opinion to a PGA Tour Event is a *Special Club Pass (*details below highlighted in yellow). These passes are sold at the event’s website at a considerable premium, most people go to the event website to order their tickets, therefore they aren’t giving you any discounts.

Some events like the Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow charge as much as $795 for a pair of special club passes but, be sure to check all your options before you pay those prices. (same tickets available below for $260/pair)

These same tickets will be for sale at the following ticket agencies at big discounts. Why is that? Sponsors, players, local golf pros and area VIPs are given thousands of tickets and often they choose to sell them as opposed to use them.

This is where you can make out like a bandit with the best prices on Golf Tickets and the best type of ticket to buy if you are planning a trip to professional golf event. You can read more about the different types of tickets below….

We have found these 3 ticket companies are the best options for finding discount PGA Tour Tickets. To get the best price, visit all three and also visit the event website to verify you are getting the best deal.

Be sure to check with each ticket seller listed below. It will only take 5 minutes to check them all and it could save you hundreds of dollars. Why Pay More?

[note color=”#F2F5AB”]How to get the best price on golf tickets:

Step 1 – Visit the event website (they’re all listed here new window will open) and decide what type of tickets you’ll want – there are options

Step 2 – Write down the price and note if they are available as pairs or singles – some only come in pairs

Step 3 – Visit these three ticket companies listed below and check the price for the specific ticket you want – include convenience fee

Step 4 – Grab the best price you find – be sure you are receiving your chosen ticket type[/note]

Here are your options click the logo or ticket option to compare prices:

Golf Ticket Option 1 – Click Here

golf ticketsTicket City is a large online ticket reseller, they buy tickets from events and individuals in bulk and at discounts and then pass the discount on to you and I.

Ticket City has a very solid reputation in the sports ticket world.

Golf Ticket Option 2 – Click Here

Golf Tickets Option 2TickCo is a very reliable ticket retailer and reseller. They provide tickets to all types of sporting events and golf is an emphasis for them. Masters tickets were recently on same here and they were hugely discounted compared to other agencies.

TickCo’s slogan is “Tickets for Less” always a good sign.

Golf Ticket Option 3 – Click Here

Discount PGA Golf TicketsAce Ticket is a Boston area (now gone nationwide) ticket reseller with an interesting history. The founder of the company, nickname Ace, used to take a boots on the ground approach to Redsox Tickets here in Boston. A lot has changed since those days and Ace Ticket is one of the most trusted online Ticket Agencies around.

Again, check all three and check the event website. Be sure to calculate the convenience fee when comparing prices.

Each of these agencies will provide for various ways to receive the tickets including, instantly online, at the will call window and by overnight delivery.

Remember: If you are planning on buying tickets to one of Golf’s Major Championships, The US Open, The Masters, The British Open or The PGA Championship, you will want to be sure that you arrange lodging and transportation well in advance.

Use extreme caution buying tickets at Ebay or Craigslist or any other type of user generated ticket outlet, thousands of people each year are ripped off by using these services, thinking they’re buying tickets that are fake or simply never show up. It will always make sense to use a reputable ticketing agency such as the ones listed here.

Tickets to PGA Tour Events typically come in a few categories:

Grounds Passes

Grounds passes are essentially general admission tickets that will give you access to most of the outside the ropes viewing areas, the practice facility, the putting greens and the common concession areas.

You will also have access to the sponsor’s displays and special features.

Multi-Day Passes

Most of the various ticket types come in single and multi day ticket packages.[note color=”#F2F5AB”]

*Special Club Passes

Special Club passes add a bit of fun and extra amenities to the experience. Customarily there will be a featured hole or two that have two story temporary structures either near the green or the hole’s landing area.

They typically have names like, “The Club at 17″ or “The Champions Club”…

These structures are usually air conditioned, they have upgraded food and concessions and a large viewing area with stadium style seating. They will typically have the atmosphere of a high end sports bar with flat screen TVs and such.

Special passes are very helpful if the weather is extremely hot and/or during rain delays. These areas have private restroom areas as well.

Discount Golf Tickets

View from The Club at 17 Deutsche Bank Championship


Sponsor Tents

Sponsor tents are usually reserved for large corporate sponsors and their guests, usually clients and VIPs. If you know someone you can get these tickets.

Clubhouse Passes

Clubhouse passes are the ultimate ticket as you will have access to the private clubhouse area before, during and after the event. This will be your best bet to get up close to the players.

Important Information about Attending a PGA Tour Event

Pictures and Phone Video at PGA Tour Events

Most events allow pictures and phone video to be taken ONLY around the practice areas. Never attempt to take pictures while players are on the course, don’t even try it, every volunteer and security staff member is trained to watch for this and you will be ejected from the event. There is always someone watching.

Planning your day at a Tour Event

Sample Course Map

Typical Tour Event Map

When you arrive, you will be given a program which will have a map of the course, special ticket areas, concession areas, restrooms and sponsor demo areas.

You will also receive a sheet with all the players tee times and which tee they are starting from.

It’s a good idea to plan your day early by deciding which players you really want to see and which holes you want to watch them play.

An aimless mission wandering around the course can become tiring and you will miss the things you really came to see.

If you have special passes, you will find the day is a little more comfortable.

Part of planning your day involves watching your alcohol intake, an 8am arrival and an 8:15 am beer can cause a great day to get cut short. Be conscious of the heat and exercise you will be getting later in the day. is an affiliate for these ticket agencies and when you buy after clicking through to one of our partners they may pay us a small referral fee for our efforts. By no means will this ever increase the price you pay, no need to worry.

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