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Daly Runs Out of Ammo & Girlfriend Implodes

Daly quits during round - runs out of ballsJohn Daly should consider packing more golf balls the way he’s been playing for the last, 10 years.

Daly, who’s pants have been much louder than his play recently, had a bit of a bad streak last evening in Australia.

It all started with a simple Srixon in the bunker on 10.

Srixon, who makes Daly’s golf ball also just so happened to supply the balls for the range this week at The Australian Open.

The range just so happens to be near the par 4 10th.

Daly hit an approach that wound up in the left bunker. The players and the TV people were well aware of the presence of the balls near the range on the other side of the hole.

If Daly had actually gone within 100 yards of the range this week he may have known this.

He played a Srixon out of the bunker only to realize a few minutes later, it just so happened to be the wrong Srixon, the ball was a stray from the nearby range. He then needed to take a two stroke penalty for being enough of a fool to play the wrong ball.

Verify the identity of your ball is actually before the PGA Tour Rules 101 course these guys don’t take when they are issued a Tour Card.

The 2 strokes sent him into a funk he wasn’t able to recover from.

I Have No Balls

On the par 5 11th, the loveable loud mouth hit a driver just right and into the rough near the water.

The second shot into this par 5 would have been a stock shot for the Daly that actually used to practice, and, well, cared.

First approach water,

Second approach water

Third approach water,

And so on, until a painful 7 shots later finally the old horse was put out of his misery by the bullets he no longer had.

Yes, he was out of ammo.

This is only the beginning.

Needless to say if you are out of balls, you can’t just hit the pro shop and grab another sleeve. No, Boy Scouts who don’t prepare don’t make Eagle Scout and, Daly hasn’t made many Eagles for quite some time.

Daly had his much loved excuse to hit the parking lot.

Daly politely walked up to his playing partners, Australian Craig Parry and Hunter Mahan and shook their hands, everything looked relatively inline at that point.

Then, his girlfriend, seemed to make this a photographer’s issue.

Daly and his girlfriend, were walking through a courtyard, exiting the tournament early, she was about 10 feet behind him, a photographer was standing there, off to the side, and snapped a couple pictures of the sour-pussed quitter as he walked to his car.

His girlfriend, from the blind side, walked by and slapped the camera out of the Photographer’s hands.

“If you hit 7 balls in the water, wearing bright yellow pants and then your girlfriend slaps photographers for doing their job….

You Might Be A Redneck.”

Australia Says “No Mas”

The executives that run the Australian Open wasted no time, within a few minutes, the Tournament Director was on TV saying that Daly needs to be “dealt with”.

“It is very disappointing for the tournament. It is certainly unprofessional, and I am extremely bitter and disappointed that he has treated this championship this way. It is becoming a bit of a habit. . . . It is unacceptable and I certainly hope that all the tours deal with it in the appropriate manner this time.”

Trevor Herden, the Australian Open Tournament Director.

Further, the Australian PGA is to be held in two weeks, a tournament Daly had an invitation to.

Well, not anymore, his invitation was withdrawn and not respectfully either.

Sorry John, It’s Over

The side show that is John Daly has probably finally coming to an end.

There is only so much the golf community can take, I lost respect a long time ago, basically the first day he wore those pathetic, cry for attention, nasty, pants on a golf course.

Those pants are nothing more than a slap in Golf’s face.

Daly never had respect from the European community, even after winning The Open, as he has always found a way to become the poster boy for the term “Ugly American”.

Nobody here in the US wants him after he sues a Tournament that had been giving him exemptions, out of pity and the goodness of their hearts, for years.

Now he has managed to completely piss of Australia, like the Continent.

Show’s over John, very sorry.

John openly complains about his lack of money last year on his horrible “reality show” on GC. Then finds every possible way to piss off his paycheck, every time he tees it up.

A man who has made and squandered millions over the last 15 years.

Putting truth to the saying:

“Money will always find its way back to its rightful owner.”

It is a shame, I’m not heartless enough to not note that, but, it is a shame that didn’t need to be.

Adios JD.


  1. Must say I wasn’t surprised when I heard about this latest stunt. Time for him to go!

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