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Putting Stroke VideoChipping & Putting Part 1

Pretty much everyone knows that improving your chipping & putting is the best way to lower your golf scores.


We’ll start out with putting and leave chipping for later. Like so much in life simple is better and Martin’s putting stroke is about as simple as it gets. Let’s take a look at his putting technique from set up, to take away, on to impact and follow through.

Read through this and study the diagrams then there is a video at the end.  The important thing to note about this putting method is that it is not just simple but very easy to duplicate.

Proper Putting Set Up

In the picture below you’ll see that everything is square and tight. The feet are shoulder length apart and his weight is very centered. The elbows are held in tight to the body (this is important) holding your elbows in tight will cause your palms to naturally aim upward just a little bit. This facilitates the opposing putting grip.

The hands should be as opposing as possible in other words they are exactly opposite to each other on the grip. Note the position of the thumbs, they are both inline and on top of the putter grip.

The golf ball’s position is slightly forward of center and directly below his left eye. I used these pictures because of the crazy sunglasses, you will be able to watch his head position by watching where those sunglasses are.

Putting Set Up Position

Proper Putting Take-Away

You’ll notice that everything is staying very much intact and most importantly his wrists are staying in the locked position they are not breaking at all. You can see the red line indicating his left eye position directly over the back edge of the ball.

You want to be able to see the spot on the ball where you are going to make contact. This is why having the ball slightly forward is so important. The shoulders are swinging like a pendulum and everything else (feet, knees, hips, spine angle, wrists and head) are staying still, only his arms are in motion and all motion is coming from his shoulders.

Putting Take Away

Proper Putting Impact Position

Everything is still perfectly square, the wrists are still locked, his elbows are still in and his head has not moved.

Proper Impact Position in the Putting Stroke

Proper Putting Follow Through

There are two things to point out here that are of particular interest to someone who wants to improve their putting stroke.

1) This may sound redundant but you can’t overstate this aspect of chipping & putting, it is vital; his head is still in the exact same position as it was at address, the ball is long gone and the head hasn’t moved, his eyes are still aimed directly at the ground where the back of the ball was.

2) This is a point of contention with many players. You will see that his take away or back swing was only about 8 or 9 inches but his follow through is about 14 or 15 inches, I believe that this is a must.

You will hear very good teaching professionals say that the back and through should be of equal distance, I just can’t be effective this way and I have asked many low handicappers to try and lengthen their finish and most have them have stuck with it.

But don’t listen to me, you can see the proof right here with the Ranking Number 1 in the World player Martin Kaymer.

The Follow Thru In The Putting Stroke Is Important

Golf-Newz hopes this will help you with your chipping & putting. This is a great putting stroke to emulate because it’s just so simple, try it out next time you’re on the putting green.

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