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Small Wonders: Par-3 Courses are Good for the Game

Bandon Dunes New Par 3 Course

Does this sound like anyone you know? Will only play golf courses measuring at least 6,000 yards with a par of 70-plus. The USGA Slope rating must be a minimum of 120. Play a nine-hole round? Fuggedaboutit. I personally know someone who fits the description: yours truly. Yep, I’m quite … [Read more...]

27 Things You Gotta Love About Golf

27 Things You Gotta Love About Golf

A Few (27) of My Favorite (Golf) Things After penning my list of pet golf peeves a while back, something occurred to me: For everything that rankles me worse than a shank, there are 10 that catch me flush on the sweet spot. Why put the negative stuff out there and not the positive? Today, I … [Read more...]

Sugarloaf Mountain will Test a Golfer’s Principles

Great Course Gone Bad

In the spirit of election season, a simple poll to gauge your core values as a golfer: Question 1 – Yes or No: Would you pay $32 to play a golf course ranked by Golfweek as the fourth-best public track in all of Florida, built by the most respected design team in the business, on property so … [Read more...]

Jack or Tiger?

Jack Nicklaus Tiger Woods

If Tiger Woods wins the Masters this weekend, he won’t need any more major titles to supplant Jack Nicklaus as golf’s greatest player. There, I said it. Call me a heretic, tell me I’m too dumb to handle basic math, accuse me of generational ignorance – I can take your barbs. But first, hear me … [Read more...]

My Biggest Golf Pet Peeves

golf nuisences

Sometimes, golf really gets my goat! Complaining, long ago replaced baseball as our national pastime. Seriously, if I hear one more person moan about the new Facebook setup, I’m moving to Canada. Just kidding. I love the USA, of course, and I must admit to an occasional bout of whining … [Read more...]

The Long Putter Debate

debate over rule change for long putter

Size Matters: Battle Lines Drawn in Long Putter Debate Where do you stand on extra-long putters? Chest putters, belly putters, anchored putters or whatever you'd like to call them. Do you consider them a godsend for yips-afflicted golfers, or a sure sign that the apocalypse is nigh? Those are … [Read more...]

Best Courses We Can’t Play

America's Most Exclusive Courses

The Mythical Six: Great Courses Remain a Mystery Have you ever played Augusta National? Been to the Masters? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Most of us haven’t. But I bet you know that golf course better than you know your remote control, which – if you’re like me -- you can operate with your toes. … [Read more...]

The Year of the Long Putter

how to use long putter

2011 - Year of the Long Putter In August at the PGA Championship in Atlanta Keegan Bradley won not only his first major, but now holds the distinction of being the first player ever to win a major using a long belly style putter. Earlier in the year notable players like Adam Scott also turned to … [Read more...]

US Downgrade Adam Scott Upgrade Stevie Williams Talks

S & P Logo

Three things happened this weekend that I never thought I would see happen. US Gets a Downgrade Adam Scott Closes the Deal on a Big Tournament Stevie Williams Talks - A Lot Lets cover the US Debt situation real fast, even though this is the wrong forum. My history as a person who lived … [Read more...]

Artificial Putting Surfaces

Synthetic Practice Golf Green

Synthetic Putting Surfaces for your backyard are fairly priced and unbelievably un-artificial! A new golf store opened in my town a couple weeks ago, so I decided to go down and check it out. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to see a very large artificial putting area where you can test … [Read more...]

Chubby Chandler

Chubby Chandler has some top clients

Andrew “Chubby” Chandler is on quite a roll. Chubby Chandler has been showing up all over the place lately and don’t expect his face to go away anytime soon. Chubby is the Managing Director and Founder of International Sports Management and he’s “chubbing” all the way to the bank with 2 of the last … [Read more...]

How to Become a Professional Golfer

How to Be A Pro Golfer

Over the years I have had many people ask me the question: “How do you get on the PGA Tour?”   It’s important to note that there are two types of people who make a living in professional golf. Teaching Professionals at golf courses are referred to as Golf Professionals and people who play … [Read more...]