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Five Reasons to Kick the Golf Cart Habit

Golf Cart

Last time out, I tried to shame you into breaking the golf cart addiction and embracing the joys of walking. In case that didn’t work, I’m back with a few concrete reasons why you should just say no to the cart’s powerful yet hollow allure. Consider this an intervention. 1) Walking is … [Read more...]

Golf is A Good Walk Spoiled…By Carts

virtues of walking a golf course

So I’m out playing golf on a recent sunny Sunday, and it’s a cool one by South Florida standards – temps in the low 50s, steady breeze of 10-15 mph. The venue is the Village Golf Club, one of the few public courses in the area to allow walking any time, any day. It’s busy but not crowded, with … [Read more...]

Giving Thanks to Golf, from Augusta to Zoysia

Give Thanks to Golf

Is there another game that gives as much as golf and asks for so little in return? Actually, I can think of several. Golf is pretty expensive, when you get down to it. But hey, you get what you pay for, and golf delivers the goodies like Santa in a Kangol cap. Sorry, skipped a holiday ahead. … [Read more...]

Basics for Beginner Golfers

beginner golf tips

With the Ryder Cup having come and gone, and so much exposure on the biennial event, golf clubs all over the world are once again preparing themselves for a surge of novice players keen to take up the wonderful game. Guest Article: The Ryder Cup One of the high exposure events which really … [Read more...]

Ryder Cup Predictions: Other White Ball Steals the Spotlight

Ping pong at Ryder Cup

What if they held the Ryder Cup and a ping pong tournament broke out? I swear, if I hear one more adorable anecdote about Matt Kuchar’s table tennis tenacity or Phil Mickelson rallying the U.S. squad with the swish of his backhand, someone is going to get hurt. The only thing worse: predictably … [Read more...]

Fun Golf Courses Finally Getting Their Due

What Makes a Course Fun?

“Let's have some fun out here! This game's fun, OK? Fun (goshdarnit).” That’s Kevin Costner as Crash Davis in Bull Durham, only he didn’t say goshdarnit. And though he was talking about baseball, the line popped into my head while reading Golf Digest’s new ranking of America’s Most Fun Golf … [Read more...]

Golf Boyz 2.oh – Golf Gets Weird

Golf Boyz New Video

Golf Boyz, Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan at it again. It's going to be an interesting Champions Dinner at Augusta this year! … [Read more...]

Picks for 2012 Go Predictably Wrong

golf crystal ball

Pundits are rarely held accountable for their predictions, and that’s a good thing – for them. Otherwise, CBS and the Golf Channel would have slapped a double-suspension on David Feherty for picking Sergio Garcia to win the Open Championship. Not the 2002 Open. Not 2006. This year. Seriously, … [Read more...]

Dream On: One Golfer’s Fantasy Courses

Cypress Point

I’m about to commit an act of golf heresy so heinous, so contemptuous of conventional norms, I expect the game’s powers-that-be to sentence me to playing Pete Dye courses from the back tees for the remainder of my days. With a pink ball. And no beverage cart. Are you ready to be shocked? Here … [Read more...]

Does Golf Stress You Out?

avoid golf related stress

By Guest Author - David Bryce How to Avoid Stress on the Golf Course When I ask many of my golfing buddies about why it is they enjoy the game so much, I typically get a variation of the following answer: “It reduces my stress.” That makes perfect sense; most doctors recommend physical … [Read more...]

Idiot Wind: Trump, Scotland Don’t Deserve Each Other

Trump Scotland

The news of Donald Trump building a links course in Scotland nearly shattered my cognitive dissonance meter. Talk about clashing styles. This is Ted Nugent conducting the New York Philharmonic. Ronald McDonald in the kitchen at the French Laundry. Thomas Kinkade (R.I.P.) re-painting the … [Read more...]

Golf’s Wonders (and WTF’s) Never Cease

Golf Mysteries

Nothing baffles me more than golf. Politics? The Higgs boson? The Kardashians’ popularity? Much easier to explain than the loose impediment rule, or why perfectly sane people will swing a metal rod at a stupid ball when deadly lightning bolts are crackling all about. Yep, this game is full of … [Read more...]