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Official 2012 Rules of Golf

Official 2012 Rules of Golf Free Downloads

The Official 2012 rules of golf are in-depth, detailed and sometimes quite confusing. Regardless of how sticky some of the rules may appear it is still important to follow these rules in order to maintain integrity in golf, the handicapping system and of course, yourself. The R and A and the USGA … [Read more...]

Golf Etiquette – Video

Golf Etiquette Video

With the New Year upon us I thought it would be at least a little helpful to share a video on Golf Etiquette. I’ve been playing for almost 20 years now and I learned early on that a great way to gain respect on the course, particularly for young players, is to have an understanding of best … [Read more...]

It’s All About Putting

Putt Better

Guest Post – Dave Taylor “The Putting Clinic” After watching Mark O’Meara drain a 20 footer to win The Masters in 1998, then watching Phil making his 18 foot putt to win The Masters in 2004 and finally seeing Tiger sink that 12 footer to tie Rocco Mediate for The 2008 US Open, only one word came … [Read more...]

Add An Indoor Putting Green to Your Wishlist

Top Rated Indoor Putting Greens

Indoor Putting Greens Indoor putting greens have been gaining popularity. I had seen them online and I've seen them at large golf stores. However, there was always a big problem in my opinion, with every one I had seen, they all seemed like toys. Putting is serious business and I’m not a solid … [Read more...]

Dave Stockton Signature Putting

Dave Stockton Putting Secrets

Dave Stockton is a legendary putting and short game coach for many of the PGA Tour’s most prominent players. Stockton and his sons Ronnie and Dave Jr. have built a short game consulting empire in recent years. Watch: Dave Stockton's Putting Videos Stockton family clients include Phil … [Read more...]

Artificial Putting Surfaces

Synthetic Practice Golf Green

Synthetic Putting Surfaces for your backyard are fairly priced and unbelievably un-artificial! A new golf store opened in my town a couple weeks ago, so I decided to go down and check it out. When I walked in I was pleasantly surprised to see a very large artificial putting area where you can test … [Read more...]

How to Become a Professional Golfer

How to Be A Pro Golfer

Over the years I have had many people ask me the question: “How do you get on the PGA Tour?”   It’s important to note that there are two types of people who make a living in professional golf. Teaching Professionals at golf courses are referred to as Golf Professionals and people who play … [Read more...]

MUST READ – Masters Story

Amazing Masters Story

Visualize It! It isn’t strange at all to see a tour player on TV standing behind the ball, eyes closed, visualizing the entire golf shot from takeaway, to ball flight, to how the ball lands and runs. Many high level professional golfers utilize visualization as a tool for success. But what about … [Read more...]

New Golfer’s Guide to Golf Lingo

Golf Terminology

Golf Lingo Can Be Difficult for a New Golfer It’s important for a new or young golfer to learn many of these terms and to learn golf etiquette. I decided to write this post after being asked what “Up and Down” and “Double Cross” meant, in the same day, good questions both. The golf glossary … [Read more...]

Keep the Dream Alive

Ron Stelten

A Run at the Senior Tour I’m a consummate Tiger fan and I fall into the “give it time” category when it comes to the swing. Frankly, the swing obviously isn’t where it was no doubt but, I feel Tiger is leaving it out there on the short game side as opposed to the swing. Anyway, I came across … [Read more...]

Playing Smarter Golf This Year

Mental Guide Shooting Lower Golf Scores

Things I'm Going to Work on This Year to Lower My Scores   I've never done this before but, this year I've chosen 5 things that I am going to work on to lower my scores. Some are things I noticed I did last year that directly hurt my scoring and some are things I have always wanted to pay … [Read more...]

Hit the Driver Straight

hit the golf ball straight off the tee

If you'd like to hit the driver straight, try moving the ball back in your stance.   First of all, hitting the driver straight isn't all it's cracked up to be. The best players in the world have movement in their ball flight, they just know how to use it a little better than you … [Read more...]