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Streamsong Resort: Golf’s Next Big Thing

Streamsong Golf

My initial impression of a soon-to-open, 36-hole golf resort in central Florida: With a name like Streamsong, it better be good. Considering the parties involved, it almost certainly will be. In fact, advance word indicates Streamsong Resort may fly way past good and land on the upslope of … [Read more...]

The Holy Grail of Golf – How To Create Lag in Your Golf Swing

Lag in the golf swing

Creating lag in the golf swing is the ultimate goal for most amateur golfers. I've seen students who have literally spent their entire golfing careers trying to stop casting the golf club, only to have it fixed in one lesson that I'm going share with you today. I even had one member of my golf … [Read more...]

Dutch Golf From a Designer’s Point of View

Royal Hague Golf

By Jeff Stein of Stein Golf What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think about the Dutch? Windmills, clogs, cheese, maybe Amsterdam. How about golf? If you examine a map of the Netherlands you will notice a coastline enveloped in dune land. Within these dunes lie a cluster of … [Read more...]

Course Review: Florida Club is a One-of-a-Kind Delight

Hole 5 Florida Club

Year Opened: 1996 Designer: Dick Gray From the Tips: 6,909 yards / par 72 / 72.9 course rating / 134 Slope From the Short Tees: 4,988 yards / par 72 / 70.5 course rating (women) / 115 Slope Walking allowed? No Address: 1380 SW Kanner Hwy., Stuart, FL … [Read more...]

Fancy Shmancy Online Tee Times

Review of

I have to admit that I was hardly an early adopter of the online tee time phenomenon. It took me a few years and more than a few on-course slaps from playing partners, who paid far less for the same round, to get me to wake up and realize that I was wasting money and even time, by booking tee … [Read more...]

South Florida Course Review Through the Eyes of a Convert

The West Palm Beach Golf Course

South Florida Course Reviews Through the Eyes of a Convert As a native of north Florida – where visitors get caught off guard by honest-to-goodness hills and real-deal Dixie drawls – I used to turn up my nose at the notion of golf in the state’s pancake-flat southern reaches. But after living … [Read more...]

Small Wonders: Par-3 Courses are Good for the Game

Bandon Dunes New Par 3 Course

Does this sound like anyone you know? Will only play golf courses measuring at least 6,000 yards with a par of 70-plus. The USGA Slope rating must be a minimum of 120. Play a nine-hole round? Fuggedaboutit. I personally know someone who fits the description: yours truly. Yep, I’m quite … [Read more...]

Discount Online Tee Times Plus

Discount Online Golf

In the olden days, if you wanted to set up a tee time you called the golf course. Carl in the pro shop thumbed through the tee sheet and let you know what was available. A minute or two later you were all set and, unless you had a coupon, you paid the going rate on arrival just like everybody … [Read more...]

How to Play Golf

How to Play Golf

How do You Play Golf? It’s unlikely we’re going to answer this question here in one post. As a matter of fact we couldn’t get this cleared up in the next 1,000 posts if we dedicated all day, every day to the topic, for the next few years. Bear in mind this is not going to be an article about … [Read more...]

Best (and simplest) Putting Tip Ever

Best Putting Tip In History

All putting strokes are different, there is so much creativity and imagination required in putting that it’s very rare you’ll ever see two putting strokes that are the same. However, there is one commonality between all good amateur putters and ALL PGA Tour Players. This one common aspect of … [Read more...]

Tiger’s Secret – Why He Stuck w Foley

Tiger and Sean Foley

First off, I want to make it clear that Tiger stuck with Sean Foley because he is a great swing coach. Take a look at his other players and you’ll see some of the world’s finest. Sean Foley Video Below Justin Rose and Hunter Mahan have both had their issues but, it is hard to not regard each … [Read more...]

Down with Rough: Putter May Soon Be More Important

Short Rough Makes Putting More Important

Short grass is the new rough At least, it will be if today’s wave of “minimalist” golf course architects have anything to say about it. If so, your putter will become even more important than it already is. Scary thought, I know. But this is a bandwagon worth hopping on. The basic theory … [Read more...]