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Who Doesn’t Love Bubba Watson?

Bubba Watson Driver off Deck VideoBubba Watson has been building a name for himself as a fun-loving tour player who hits the ball a mile.

Whether you’re a fan or not you have to feel refreshed watching this guy operate. The come-back from 5 down thru 10 against JB Holmes on Sunday at the WGC was impressive to watch. He kept it together through some of the slowest play in the history of championship golf, within the current rules, but painfully slow nonetheless.

Bubba’s Short Game

It’s easy to credit the long hitting to Bubba’s relative success at the WGC, the course is 7,800 yards, but the primary driver of Bubba’s recent success has been the effort he’s put into the short game. It’s amazing to see a guy who has never taken a lesson and has no swing coach on staff, become such a solid short-game guy. It must be nice to have a natural golf game in the age of technical swing aids and biomechanical swing engineering.

Bubba’s Pizzazz

That being said, the pizzazz in Bubba’s game has and will continue to be the over swing that results in 350 yard drives and 172 yard 9 irons. Bubba has one of those ax-murderer swings that we all wish we could copy and as long as that swing stays accurate, look out.

The driver off the deck in Hawaii on 18 with 80+ yards shape right to left is currently the golf shot of the year (video below thanks to and ytube), then he drains the putt for eagle. The guy who hits that shot should not also be allowed to have the talent required to sink the eagle putt, it’s just not fair.

He Was Close To A Major

Bubba came close last August to a Major at the PGA and his fun loving attitude may have hurt him in that situation, where he tried the miracle out of a very tough lie in the playoff. But, those are the types of things the golf world loves, no guts no glory, this has been proven time and time again by another notably long, left handed pro named Phil.

Bubba hit some tricky short shots to get out of trouble in that tournament as well, but his short game certainly wasn’t in the form it is now, or, he’d most likely be the reigning PGA Champion.

The Fans Love Him

Keep it up Bubba, the golfing world can’t get enough and your image is building as fast as your golf game (and your twitter following). Even though you occasionally speak in third person?

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