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Best (and simplest) Putting Tip Ever

Best Putting Tip In HistoryAll putting strokes are different, there is so much creativity and imagination required in putting that it’s very rare you’ll ever see two putting strokes that are the same.

However, there is one commonality between all good amateur putters and ALL PGA Tour Players.

This one common aspect of all good putting strokes is so simple and so effective, you’ll be amazed at the difference when you’re consciously making sure it happens.

Different Strokes

Some putting strokes go inside out.

Some putting strokes go outside in.

Some have a pop stroke.

Some are so smooth that it appears as though the ball is simply, getting in the way.

Some are sure to make their follow through the exact same distance as their take away.

Some have a short take away and a long follow through.

Some keep their hands high.

Some have hands low with the toe facing up.

Some have a back and through that goes on an a semi-circle.

Some keep the putter head straight back and straight through.

Some come through a putt like a pendulum with the head high on take away and on follow through.

Some use a forward press.

You get the idea and you can agree there are a million ways to skin the putting cat in terms of mechanics.

putting tip keep head stillSo, what is the commonality that makes every great putter, a great putter?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a feel putter that can visualize the line and imagine the perfect speed or if you prefer to putt the analytical way and putt to a point on the green.

Jack Nicklaus putted almost side saddle, arms out, hunched over, with an open stance and a pop stroke.

Tiger is far more upright with a smooth “ball got in the way” motion and arms in tight.

Many players are simply so developed in the area of reading greens that the mechanical aspect is completely secondary and they could use a 2 x 4 to get the job done.

None of the great putters, none of the good putters, nobody who takes their putting stroke seriously…ever PEEKS.

If you want to get better at putting, keep your head still, very still.

Get your eyes over the ball and the putter head then… leave it there until the ball is at least half way to the cup.

Test This Out

Next time your on the practice green, take ten putts with your normal stroke.

Then go back to the exact same spot and hit ten more, with dedicated concentration on not moving your head.

Pick a point directly behind the ball on the green, between the putter head and the ball. As you take the putter head away, keep your eye on the back of the ball and the tiny spot you picked on the green.

Concentrate on leaving your eye, and subsequently your head, completely still after contact.

Don’t move it until you know for sure the ball is at least 4 feet away.

You’ll be amazed at the results.

What it does is pretty simple. It keeps your body rock solid and that causes you to make pure contact with the ball at a much higher rate.

Pure contact is the key to hitting great putts.

When you’re peeking up to watch the ball leave, even in the slightest, your hands and wrists will subconsciously react and cause poor contact.

Peeking will also cause you to push putts off line.

So Simple

I know it sounds too simple and everyone thinks they are keeping their head still but, most are not.

Watch people closely as they putt and you will see below average putters always pop those eyes up to take a look at the ball as it’s leaving the putter head.

Don’t make any judgments about this little drill until you have had the chance to try it out.

Don’t just assume you are keeping your head still now, go try it out while making a few putts and you’ll feel the difference.

Eyes over the ball

Head completely still

Back of the front hand aimed at the target all the way back and all the way through

Head remains still

Good luck, roll’em pure and straight!


  1. One of the better putting tips I’ve read. Simple, repeatable, easy to implement. I will test this out the next time I am on the putting green. I will be sure to report back how it works for me. Thanks for the advice!

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