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About is dedicated to the great and beautiful game of golf. Golf-newz loves golfers, golf clubs, golf courses, golf on tv, golf blogs and everything else about the game of golf. I love players that call penalties on themselves and everything else about the etiquette of the game. It’s true honor.

I got my start at the game of golf just prior to the Tiger era and I remember golf as a pre-Tiger game. It was a different game back then. I could never get any of my friends to play a round. Imagine that?

Bobby “Thunder” Molt

Working at a range in high school, I began to appreciate the game. Eventually a Golf Pro named Bob Molt bought the range. Bob “Thunder” Molt is a great man who knew just about everyone in the game that mattered at the time. Bob was the Pro at Pleasant Valley CC in Sutton, MA for over 20 years where there was a  tour event held every year called the “CVS Charity Classic”.

Bob attracted a lot of good players around the New England area, many of which he coached and I had the chance to not only watch these guys as they practiced but I was able to watch how they operated in general. Professional golfers are the coolest people around, it’s a tight knit group of fun loving lunatics for the most part.

Professional golfers were hooligans

Professional golfers in those days weren’t in very good shape, they swore a lot, they drank a lot and from a distance they pretty much look like a bunch of hooligans! But they aren’t, they are men who interact with nature for a living and have deep burning passion for a great game of honor.

I had a chance to caddy for Bob in the MA Open and hang out with him as he told story after story about the names you know. I think about those times a lot and I look back at those years with incredibly fond memories.

Bob was the US Agent for the South African Tour, which basically meant if you wanted to go over and play that tour you had to know Bob. He spent winters over in that part of the world and I couldn’t get enough of those stories. They were great stories about great players you know.

“I Love the Game!?”

Some of the stories that were “repeatable” for instance  was how Bob shot 66 playing with Arnold at Bay Hill without making a birdie.

The one that really changed my golf life was the story about Bob as a college freshman at Oklahoma (he wound up transferring to Arizona). He was pretty much broke as most freshman are and he got on a bus with about $9 in his pocket and traveled half way across the country to Augusta, Georgia to watch the Masters. Bob slept in the train station and snuck on the course each day before the staff was out, he ate nothing but Snickers Bars for the entire weekend. As a youngster I thought this sounded like a pretty foolish thing to do. “What if you got caught?” “What if you couldn’t get back to school?” I actually asked him those questions ( I look back now and realize just how stupid those questions were). Bob looked at me with his unique frown, eyes squinted and confused look on his face, almost a little hint of anger and said ” Because I love the game!?”

If I could pin-point a turning point in just about anything that has stuck with me from  the day it happened to today, that was it. I had never met anyone who truly loved any sport or game or lifestyle up until this point and I doubt I will ever meet anyone quite like Bob ever again.

If you’re not an avid player or a complete nut about the game of golf then this story sounds stupid. Even if you do play golf it may sound stupid. But it isn’t. It was a simple and great phrase spoken by a great man. Bob gave me a 3 wood that Dave Stockton used on tour in the early 80’s, I still have it today and even throw it in the bag sometimes just for a little nostalgia. Believe it or not if you catch it solid the thing goes!

If you’re ever on Rte 495 near Berlin, MA you should swing by and see him at the South Meadow Golf Center. If you want to improve your game in a hurry a lesson with Bob will help you out!

I had always loved reading stories about instruction and about tour players and about leading edge golf equipment. A while ago I began writing blog copy for a good friend and business partner in the personal and corporate consulting area. That expanded to writing copy for multiple sites and I finally decided to start writing about my passion.

As I cruised the internet seeking really fun golf blogs what I found was there were very few good looking golf sites that were interesting and weren’t owned by the big-boys. I didn’t see a reason why there couldn’t be yet another fun golf blog.

Further the goal over time is to bring in guest bloggers who are of a similar mind and love the game as much as I do. If you would like to post something interesting please feel free to reach out. Obviously you can link back to your site and such.

If there is anything you feel we should write about, speak up damnit!

I look forward to your feedback and I hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget to “Love the Game”, it won’t always feel like it’s loving you back, but, it is.


  1. Brett,

    I am a PGA Professional at Arrowhead CC in Glendale, Arizona. I began writing a story for my members every week about a year ago. Just recently I began to share some of the stories in a blog. Golf is an incredible game that just keeps giving to those who love the game.

    Golfingly Yours,

    Bruce McNee
    PGA Professional

  2. Daniel C.Garcia, BFA, CMI, MAM says:

    Who wrote the fine article about the Tiger Woods Effect? Thanks.

  3. Donny Angell says:

    I loved your blog about The Man.. The Myth.. The Legend — New England’s very-own Shivas Irons — Bobby Molt!! I played for Coach Thunder as a Crusader from 1982-1985 where he guided us to back-to-back New England championships. With corporate America now in my rear-view mirror, I’m now back to doing what I truly love — playing, teaching, thinking, walking & talking the world’s Greatest Game. They say passion is contagious, and If that’s cas my links addiction can certainly be traced in part to “Moltie.” Thank you Brett, for reviving a special memory.

    -Donny Angell
    College Of The Holy Cross ’85

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