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2012 Golf Hall of Fame Inductees

2012 Hall of FameThe Class of 2012 Induction Cremony for the World Golf Hall of Fame is this evening and the event will be aired on the Golf Channel at 10:00 pm EST.

The 2012 list of inductees is as follows:

Hollis Stacy

Peter Alliss

Dan Jenkins

Sandy Lyle


Phil Mickelson?

It’s not that I don’t feel strongly that Phil is a lock for the Hall of Fame, I recently profiled his career and certainly feel as though Phil is one of the all time greats.

But…his name on the list conjures up memories of that classic Sesame Street jingle “One of these things is not like the other”.

Hollis Stacy

2012 Golf Hall of FameDate of Birth: March 16, 1954

4 Major Championships, including 3 Women’s US Opens and a stellar 18 LPGA Tour Wins.

Age 58

That sounds like a Hall of Fame career and the DOB is somewhat age appropriate, it’s her time.

Peter Alliss

2012 Golf Hall of Fame Date of Birth: February 28, 1931

One of the, if not the all time greatest, TV people in golf. Johnny Miller and Jim Nantz, you guys are good but, Peter Alliss is golf.

Peter was also a heck of a player, which has sort of been forgotten about, mainly for being so damn good in the booth.

Peter turned professional at the ripe old age of 16 and competed for the European Ryder Cup team an amazing 8 times.

Alliss came out on top in 23 worldwide professional events as well.

Age 81

OK, sounds like a Hall of Famer.

Dan Jenkins

2012 Golf Hall of FameDate of Birth: December 2, 1929

Dan Jenkins is a Sports Writer who spent a great deal of his career working for Sports Illustrated.

Dan is also the author of the book, Dead Solid Perfect.

Dan is a Texan who was hardly known for his political correctness through out his career. Most notably in 2010 YE Yang was within 3 of the lead at the Masters and Jenkins tweeted:

[quote style=”1″]Y.E. Yang is only three shots off the lead. I think we got takeout from him last night.[/quote]


Age 82

Sandy Lyle

2012 Golf Hall of FameDate of Birth: February 9, 1958

Truly one of the all time great International Players. Sandy Lyle won 18 European Tour events and 6 PGA Tour events.

He won the European Tour’s Order of Merit 3 times.

Mr. Lyle was the first Brit ever to win The Masters in 1988 and he won the Open Championship in 1985.

His resume includes 30 worldwide professional wins.

Age 54

And then there was…

Phil Mickelson

Hall of FameUp until here, we have a list that sounds like they should be speaking this evening at the induction ceremony.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to miss any of the speeches particularly old Phil’s.

Oh, he’s not that old…

He’s still playing pretty well, he only has a streak of 9 consecutive years with a PGA Tour Victory going.

It just seems unnatural for the Hall of Fame to induct individuals while they are still in the prime of their career. They did this last year to Ernie Ells and the Big Easy just so happened to miss the Masters the following year.

I believe it is to build value in the event and make it a worthy and saleable TV piece. But, this seems kind of selfish, would the world not watch to hear Peter Alliss talk?

Phil himself has stated that he kind of wishes they would have saved his induction for a later year, a lot later.

He wishes it was an opportunity to reflect back on his career. Phil, believes, and rightfully so, he has some pretty darn good golf in front of him. He feels he is in his prime.

Doesn’t the Hall of Fame kind of put icing on the proverbial cake of a wonderful career?

Does something as big as a Hall of Fame induction put a little “the best may be behind me” in a player’s head?

I hope not.

There are two things we can be absolutely sure of:

1) Phil won’t miss the Masters next year because Augusta National members know how to take care of their own…lifetime exemption.

2) Phil’s induction speech will be a good one. It will be filled with honor, grace and most likely a bit of humor.

You can take a peek at Phil’s Hall of Fame career right here.

Like I said, he belongs in the Hall, just not now…for his own good.

The World Golf Hall of Fame should re-think this, I bet Ernie agrees.


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